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Thread: What is your current stance on this team?

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    Default Re: What is your current stance on this team?

    My best guess is that the wing position will be thinned out with a trade... hopefully along with Ford. I know this isn't a popular with many, but Rush may be one used as a sweetner in a trade. I could see it being Dahntay or Posey as well. In Posey's situation, it may be closer to the trade deadline to a team competing for a championship needing a player like him.

    At the present time, I don't see Dunleavy being traded due to teams uncertainy of his health. Maybe like Posey b4 the trade deadline.

    I can't give a true stance on this team w/o seeing what the roster looks like going into the season, but Bird's trade has helped make this team look better than it has in awhile. It has given me more optimisum than I've had for sometime.

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    Default Re: What is your current stance on this team?

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    Default Re: What is your current stance on this team?

    Dare I say this: Pacers are now as good as any team except the Heat at the point guard, shooting guard and small forward position. Not sure I'm ready to say that. But they aren't completely overmatched at the 1,2 & 3 positions.

    The 4 and 5 position is another story. Maybe not the worst interior defenders anymore (with the subtraction of Murph) but still one of the worst in the NBA.

    So with the major weakness inside, this team has a ceiling of probably 45 wins and that is if things come together nicely.

    But I'm less worried about this season. Looking ahead to 1 year from now, if we get another big guy and Roy and other yopung players improve and learn to play together that is when I could see a huge a drastic improvement

    If no other siginificant changes I see this team winning 41 games this season, which could get them the 8th spot. The variables of Foster and hansbrough will have a huge impact on this team. Everything else being constant depending on how much Jeff and Tyler can play can swing the pacers win total by 10 games. If they can't play much at all, I see 35 wins, if they can play a lot, I see 45 wins
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    Default Re: What is your current stance on this team?

    I agree with UB. I don't see our offensive firepower improving tremendously next year, although that would be a pleasant surprise. So we look at other parameters. Look at Foster's and Tyler's offensive rebounding last year before they went down. These boards will translate into possibly anywhere between a differential of 4-10 extra points per game. Have not done a scientific study, but I think that averaging an extra 7 points would result in a positive 10-game swing.

    I liked Troy---good team player and hard-nosed. But a healthy Foster and TH will make up for Troy.

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    Default Re: What is your current stance on this team?

    I forget who it was, but someone in a thread yesterday asked what if we were to trade for Millsap of the Jazz before the season starts. I don't know exactly how I feel about that but I suppose the Pacers could at least think about it. I have watched Millsap, and I really wouldn't like to see him paired up with Roy as our bigs.

    After this trade I really do believe that Bird and Morway are patient and not going to pull the trigger on any and everything. I just hope we hold out and are willing to offer Horford a max next summer (unless we can get someone better but I think someone along his status will be in our range).

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