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Thread: The Definitions Game

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    Default The Definitions Game

    Poster A posts something to be defined.
    Poster B defines it and leaves a new word to be defined. And so it goes...


    A. Gravel

    B. gravel - Gravy that has hardened

    B. Artichoke

    C. Artichoke - A Garfunkel wrestling move

    I'll start:


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    Default Re: The Definitions Game

    Alleviate - Description of a what a vegetarian did for dinner.


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    Default Re: The Definitions Game

    What Obfa Jarlsson does when the pond in Tromso freezes.

    And I won't be here to see the day
    It all dries up and blows away
    I'd hang around just to see
    But they never had much use for me
    In Levelland. (James McMurtry)

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