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Thread: Source: Favre tells teammates he's not coming back

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    Default Source: Favre tells teammates he's not coming back

    Yeah I'll believe it when he's not there in Week 1

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    The Brett Favre saga continues, but could be coming to an end.

    Sources told that Favre has told teammates that he will not come back for his 20th season, citing wear and tear on his body. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported that Favre told Vikings officials a similar message Monday night. But the team is still holding out hope that Favre will again change his mind, and considering his history, it's entirely possible.

    However, this is the strongest indication yet that the legendary quarterback could, in fact, retire for good.

    Minnesota players and coaches have long been convinced that Favre would come back and play this season after last year's magical run that took the Vikings to within one game of the Super Bowl, falling to the New Orleans Saints in overtime, 31-28, in the NFC Championship game.

    Favre, who had surgery on his left ankle in May, has been working out in Hattiesburg, Miss., and was recently visited by Vikings Coach Brad Childress just a few weeks ago so the two could get on the same page.


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    Default Re: Source: Favre tells teammates he's not coming back

    As you said, I'll believe it when week one starts and he's not there. Until then, I don't believe it.

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