...bringing up how much it sucks that we lost Brad Miller.

HE'S GONE!!!!!!!!!


You know, I'm starting to miss him a bit myself... but he's gone, he's not coming back, and IMO this constant harping over Brad Miller (it seems like every other day there's still a post *****ing about the trade, crying about how much it sucks that we lost him, etc.) is really getting old. He only played for this team for a year and a half and he got traded like six months ago.

To put it in perspective: I broke up with my fiancee last June, a girl I had been dating and living with for almost three years, and as bad as that sucks I bring her up a hell of a lot less often than some of you folks are bringing up Brad Miller.

Yes, it's obvious that we could have used him this year. Yes, he's playing awful well in Sacramento. Yes, he's an all-star again. But he's not Reggie Miller (a career Pacer); he's not even Dale Davis or Mark Jackson (guys who played here during the peak of their careers). He was here for a season and a half, played pretty well for us (most of the time), and now he's gone and probably never coming back. Get over it already. If you want to talk about us needing help at the 5 spot, let's talk about realistic solutions and possibilities instead of crying and *****ing over spilled milk.

IMO this constant harping is really an insult to the current team and their success. There's not even any guarantee that the team would be doing this well if he were still here, so why keep picking at an old scab?

When all-star announcements are made, I'd like to hear about the guys on OUR team that made it. When we lose a game and start talking about needing help I'd like to talk about REAL possibilities to get help. And when people want to reminisce about Brad, ***** about Donnie's mistakes/stupidity or moan about how well Brad is doing in Sac-town now, I'd like to see it in the Brad Miller thread so that I can make sure and avoid getting involved in that discussion, rather than watch thread after thread get hijacked with this stuff.

Because honestly, folks, this is getting old.