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Thread: Pacers/ Hornets/ Kings/ Hawks

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    Default Pacers/ Hornets/ Kings/ Hawks

    Kings get: Emeka Okafor, Tyler Hansbrough

    Hawks get: Carl Landry, Julian Wright, future kings 1st rounder

    Hornets get: Troy Murphy, TJ Ford, B-Rush, 2011 Pacers first rounder.

    Pacers get: Al Horford, Darren Collison, Marcus Thornton, 2.1 mil trade exception

    Hornets get instant cap relief. Hawks will most likely have trouble keeping Al Horford because of money problems and at least get some solid talent for him. Kings get a double double machine and a young energetic PF. Pacers get an early free agency and saves $14.7 mil off next years payroll and gives the Pacers more cap room next year to sign 2 max players and resign roy hibbert.

    It's a pipe dream but its still a trade proposal.
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    Default Re: Pacers/ Hornets/ Kings/ Hawks

    I love the thought of adding Horford. I am a bigger fan of Smith But i think that horford would be great.

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    Default Re: Pacers/ Hornets/ Kings/ Hawks

    Kings give Carl Landry and a future 1st for Hansbrough and Okafor? That makes very little sense financially and talent-wise. Good trade for Pacers and Hornets. Not bad for ATL if they were to get the Kings' 1st rounder, but like I said I don't see Sacramento giving that up.

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