For my 6 year old son's birthday, I bought him one of those portable 10 foot basketball hoops that you usually see in people's driveway. He has this love love for basketball and I wanted to cultivate this fascination beyond simply watching and playing it on TV while giving me a reason to drag him outside to get some sun when he's not in school. He's even went to some 1 day Warriors' Basketball camp ( which he absolutely loved ) and will be attending 2 more sessions in the fall.

Despite him being 3'10" tall....when he started playing, I insisted that he start shooting around and practicing with the hoop set to 10 feet. My reasoning is that this is the standard height for all basketball hoops at high school, etc. Although I doubt that he has the genetics to ever play in high school ( I'm 5'6" but pray that he got some my Father-In-Law's height ), but because I wanted him to learn to shoot and play the "right way" ( something that I never did for any sport when I was his age )....I wanted him to be get used to playing at that height. Despite resisting his requests to lower it to 9 feet ( which I have lowered to 9'5" )....he's shown that he is capable of hitting the shot a few feet away from the basket. Although his shot isn't consistent....1/2 the time he clanks it off the front of the impression is that he's capable of hitting the basket at that height as many of his shots have enough height on the ball that I think that he simply has to get used to shooting at that height.

I know that I'm being a total hard@ss when it comes to setting the hoop so high.....but am I approaching this the right way when it come to showing him how to play basketball?

When it comes to basketball....I always try to teach him what little I do know ( mainly from what I have learned from here on PD on what we don't want certain Pacers Players to "do" and "not do" ) while showing him that it's not always about "taking and making" the last shot at the buzzer. Since many of you have had some Coaching experience on the Elementary and High School level....keeping in mind that I have ZERO exposure to how to really teach anybody how to play you have any other suggestions on what I should try to show and teach him?