We've lived here 20 years. built the house but never really liked our design and heavens knows, we've NEVER liked any colors we've picked out for the interior.

We went to Porter Paints and hired their consultant....$50 and that is applied to the paint we buy. The consultant came out last week and advised us on color combinations. My wife, never trusting anything, finally broke down and bought sampler quarts of the colors. To say the least, we are flabbergasted. We really like what he consultant said. $10 a gallon off and the $50 refund on the consultant Plus $350, we now have our paint for the Living Room, dining room, kitchen, entry way, front hall, our bedroom, and bath. The wife paints, I load the brushes, fill the trays, and move the tarps and furniture.
Today: I have never really liked my fireplace hearth I built or the tile I finished the FP with. I just spent about 2 hrs tearing out the old hearth and tile surround. I am going to replace the old with a new stained wood hearth with Pennsylvania blue slate for the surface. THe slate is in three 1 1/4" pieces which will be arrainged with genuine fossils (brachiopods etc) from southern Indiana. The new fireplace face I haven't decided on but it will come together. New carpet is also being ordered and then we will get the furniture we have been wanting for about 15 years.

Some of this is fun...but I am sweating like a pig at a weiner roast.