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    If New Orleans really doesn't want to spend the money to build a contending team around Chris Paul, then they have to try to trade him. Although the rumors have him wanting to go to NY, Orlando, etc, he does not have a real say in where they send him. As long as I am dreaming let's see what the Pacers could do.

    Indiana sends:
    Troy Murphy
    Danny Granger
    TJ Ford

    New Orleans sends:
    Chris Paul
    Emeka Okafor

    New Orleans gets $20 Million in expiring contracts and local guy Danny Granger. I hate giving up Danny but the addition of Paul is too great to pass up.

    We have all read the reference Paul made to playing in NY with Carmelo. Apparently they are good friends and Carmelo can opt out of his contract after this year. If Denver does not believe that they can keep him, could we then entice them to do a sign and trade?

    Indiana sends:
    Mike Dunleavy
    Jeff Foster
    Paul George (or Brandon Rush)

    Denver sends:
    Carmelo Anthony

    Denver gets $17 Million in expiring contracts and possible future star in George.

    We would have to include draft picks in both deals which would certainly hurt. But this would be our team:

    PG - Paul, Price
    SG - Rush, Stephenson, Jones
    SF - Anthony
    PF - Okafor, Hansborough, Rolle
    C - Hibbert, McRoberts

    It still needs some filling out but the wing is one of the easiest positions to fill. This puts our payroll at under $60 million for this year and next, and just $45 mil for 2012/13. This franchise has shown that it can produce a winning product before. Players want to win, to get paid well while doing it, and to get the publicity too. Payton Manning has shown that even in Indianapolis, you can get the pub that these guys crave.

    If New Orleans and Denver are struggling this year, then I could see this scenerio being a possibility as we approach the trade deadline in February. What do you think? Is it only a dream?


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    At least a man has a right to dream

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