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Thread: 3 Team trade with Wizards and Nets

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    Default Re: 3 Team trade with Wizards and Nets

    We are giving up too much IMO.

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    Default Re: 3 Team trade with Wizards and Nets

    I think if we offered them Dunleavy and Ford for Arenas and McGee they would have to consider it. Arenas' deal is horrible, but he isn't a terrible player. Ball-dominant to a fault, clearly. McGee is a stud though. I think he could get some PF minutes because he has the mobility to do so. His length next to Hibbert would be unreal defensively. He is a guy that you run a pick and roll with. I have loved McGee's game since I started following him back before the draft. His athleticism and skill/feel is unbelievable. He just needs more burn to put it all together.

    They get about $50-55M in savings in this deal. That is worth a prospect in McGee to that team to get rid of Arenas. We all of a sudden have a ton of assets.

    Back court - Rush, George, Stephenson, Price

    Front court - Granger, Hibbert, McGee, Hansborough, McRoberts, Rolle

    Tradeable assets:
    DJones, SJones, Foster, Arenas, Murphy

    Depth Chart

    PG - Arenas, Price
    SG - Rush, George, Stephenson
    SF - Granger, DJones
    PF - McGee, Hansborough, Rolle, Murphy
    C - Hibbert, Foster, McRoberts, SJones

    You think we have some front court peices that New Orleans would want for CP3. Arenas, Hansborough, and two future first round picks for Okafor and Paul. Not a bad package? I am just saying, that brings us in some more firepower for trades because its a talent for salary deal in our favor.

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    Default Re: 3 Team trade with Wizards and Nets

    I honestly wouldn't mind Arenas, but the Wiz would have to eat some of that contract.

    The entire draft. Love the picks of Turner, Young and trading for Christmas.
    Signing Glen Robinson III
    Trading for Budinger
    Signing Monta Ellis
    Signing Jordan Hill (not for the player, but for his deal)

    Re-signing Stuckey and Allen

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    Default Re: 3 Team trade with Wizards and Nets

    Make It Happen Bird.

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    Default Re: 3 Team trade with Wizards and Nets

    Per Hoopsworld, this is how Gilberts contract looks. Just horrible. It says that third year is an early termination option. I have no clue what that means. I would like to get McGee, but the price for Arenas is pretty steep. It has 4 more years with with a steady increase.

    Gilbert Arenas$17,730,693$19,269,307$20,807,921$22,346,535
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    Default Re: 3 Team trade with Wizards and Nets

    I agree that arenas is a risk. He only plays about 1/2 the season anyway. Another JO? I love Lee and Mcgee, and the price is just right. But Arenas could be trouble so Bird will never go for it.

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