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Thread: Pacers/ Rockets/ Kings .

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    Default Pacers/ Rockets/ Kings .

    Pacers get: Carl Landry, Aaron Brooks, Jerad Jeffries
    Pacers send: TJ Ford, Troy Murphy, future 1st round pick, future 2nd rounder

    Rockets get: TJ Ford, Brandon Rush, future 1st rounder from Pacers
    Rockets send: Aaron Brooks, Jeffries

    Kings get: Troy Murphy, future 2nd rounder from Pacers
    Kings send: Carl Landry

    Pacers get rid of TJ Ford and get a young starting point guard. the Pacers also get Carl Landry for Troy Murphy. Even though Landry is 6' 9'' , he has a long wingspan, good standing reach, superb leaping ability and great lane agility. It aslo saves the Pacers around $ 10 mil off Next seasons payroll.

    Rockets get a hometown kid and a point guard to could flourish in their system in Ford. They also get Rush who has potential to be the next Bruce Bowen and a first round pick from the Pacers.

    Kings get a big man who can stretch the floor and create matchup problems and is a very effective rebrounder. and a secound round pick.

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    Default Re: Pacers/ Rockets/ Kings

    Seems reasonable to me.

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    Default Re: Pacers/ Rockets/ Kings

    I love it for us. We make out like bandits. Sactown and Htown hang up the phone on us.
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