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Thread: Ranking the West

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    Default Ranking the West

    Just for fun, these are my rankings:

    1. Lakers- 2x defending champs
    2. Thunder- every core player is back
    3. Phoenix- still have Nash, and Robin Lopez will fill in well for Amare.
    4. Dallas- super talented group that needs to put it together in the playoffs
    5. Denver- losing their coach last year really affected this team. Interested to see how Al harrington fits in.
    6. Utah- lost Boozer, but got younger with Al Jefferson
    7. San Antonio- still a veteran team with that knows how to win
    8. Houston- the return of Yao means a return to the playoffs
    9. Portland- a good, young core of players. If Oden ever pans out they could contend in the west.
    10. Memphis- If Gay and Mayo continue their development, they could sneak in the playoffs.
    11. New Orleans- Besides Chris Paul, not a whole lot to get excited about.
    12. Golden State- a talented group needs to learn how to win and D up.
    13. Clippers- On paper they could compete for one of the final playoff spots. Their success depends on how good Blake Griffin is.
    14. Kings- could be a team on the rise with the Evans and Cousins duo.
    15. Minnesota- not really sure what they are trying to do. Need Rubio if they want to improve.

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    Default Re: Ranking the West

    1. Lakers
    2. Dallas
    3. Thunder
    4. Denver
    5. Portland
    6. Houston
    7. Utah
    8. San Antonio
    9. Phoenix
    10. New Orleans
    11. Clippers
    12. Memphis
    13. Kings
    14. Golden State
    15. Minnesota
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    Default Re: Ranking the West

    Clippers have the talent to be 4-6 place team. They probably won't get to that level, because soemthign always goes wrong for them, but they are talented.

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    Default Re: Ranking the West

    (1) Portland
    (2) LA Lakers
    (3) Houston (assuming Yao is indeed okay)

    (4) Dallas (not sure if this is the right spot for them - I'm counting on them to be a top-5 defensive team. They have the personnel to achieve that. If not,
    (5) Oklahoma - Unless Aldrich can be surprisingly mature as a rookie, they're still 1 year away from being real contenders.
    (6) San Antonio -- supporting cast too weak.

    (7) Denver

    (8) Utah
    (9) Memphis
    (10) Phoenix

    (11) LA Clippers
    (12) New Orleans
    (13) Sacramento
    (14) Golden State
    (15) Minnesota

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    Default Re: Ranking the West

    1 Lakers - Kobe will decline slightly, but will still be great. Their bench is much improved over last year.

    2 Jazz - An underrated team. They were in second place during the final stretch last year, only falling to the 5th spot with two losses during the final week of the season. They've replaced all of the guys they lost with superior players (Hayward > Korver; Jefferson > Boozer; Bell > Matthews). Some of this might sound a little bit controversial, but Boozer is tremendously overrated.

    3 Blazers - If healthy. They won 50 games last year on one leg and gave the Suns everything they could handle in the playoffs. Great young team. Batum could turn into a poor man's Pippen.

    4 Thunder - Tough call. Could just as easily be #1. To go from #8 to #1, though, in a single season, would be quite an achievement. So I have them at #4. I love Kevin Durant, but this team is not invincible. (Yet.)

    5 Mavericks - Another roll of the dice in the tough, tough Western Conference. I might be selling them short. They have very good pieces and are very deep. But they will need to actually be better than they were last season, or I see the teams above leap-frogging them. I'm just not convinced that, with an aging Kidd and Nowitzki, they will improve. I think they might slightly decline.

    6 Nuggets - They got dismantled in the playoffs by half of the Utah Jazz. Headcases. They could fall apart.

    7 Rockets - I'd rate them a lot higher than this if I fully believed Yao will come back and have a healthy season.

    8 Spurs - I don't see how they've made any improvements. Splitter is nice, but does his addition translate to wins?

    9 Clippers - This also might seem slightly controversial, but I am sold on Blake Griffin. I saw him in a pre-season game last year before he went down with the injury. He looked absolutely phenomenal. If he's 100%, I look for him to be an instant 20/10 guy, and the probable ROY. I doubt they crack the playoffs, though.

    10 Suns - They got quite a bit worse this off-season.

    11 Grizzlies - I see them staying about the same as last year.

    12 Kings - They could take quite a leap with the addition of Cousins, who looked, in some summer league games, like he might quite possibly be a total badass.

    13 Hornets - I hate the rate them so low, because Chris Paul has proven that he can win with all kinds of rag-tag assemblies; but who knows if they'll even have CP3 next season, or for how long, or how healthy he'll be.

    14 Warriors - Some nice young pieces, but Don Nelson is a horrible coach. Warriors fans are talking playoffs, with the addition of David Lee, but I just can't see it.

    15 Timberwolves - They continue to get worse. Seemingly on purpose. Kahn? What the crap are you doing dude?

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    Default Re: Ranking the West

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    Default Re: Ranking the West

    2. :mavericks
    7. :blazers:
    12. :grizzlies
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