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    Default My apologies

    This was handled badly today.

    The reason for snuffing out commentary here was due to the emotions that were running high, and we didn't want to invite more emotional responses right now while things still needed to cool down.

    I did a ****-poor job of saying that before, and I even said I wouldn't argue this when I should have said, "I'm fine with discussing this in private, just not publicly ."

    Lately I've learned to do most of this in private because by removing the audience you remove the potential for feeling shown up or embarrassed in front of the group (be it me saying something to someone as the admin, or people coming at me with their complaints over a heated issue). Furthermore, you also tend to get your messages across to one another when it's just you and the other guy instead of "everyone' jumping in.

    I realize some of my more recent actions lately (not just the past few days) may have seemed disturbing to some or all of you.

    Any given thing you were wondering about in the present or recent past, please, feel free to PM me about it, and I'll be happy to discuss it.

    I'm not trying to hide anything, I just prefer to have my discussions in private for the reasons already stated.

    My apologies again for today; this should have been done better or at the very least explained better on this end.

    - Hicks

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    Default Re: My apologies

    A classy way to handle this. I am happy cooler heads will prevail.

    I may not agree with the way thing have been done in the past, but it is great to things handled in this fashion.

    Hope we do not lose any members because of this, and I hope the staff here keeps doing what they do to keep this place running.

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