I'm sure this thread will get closed like all the otehrs, but why do you keep shutting these threads down? They are legitimate concerns obviously felt by more than a few people here. No one is getting hasty or out of control in here, and it's not disrupting the general population on PD. Why can't the admins explain their position instead of just deleting threads?

Personally, I didn't see where anyone was being hurt or offended by anything in the counting thread or anything N8R or whoever else has said. Obviously, someone could have PMed you guys, which I wouldn't know about, but I agree with SoupisGood, it seems like an awful lot of power posturing going on by admins. To me, it seems as if their action is causing more unrest and problems than anything said/done in the Market Square. I really am not trying to call anyone out here, but SiG really raised some good questions and concerns about Hicks. I know you are the founder, but it really seems like you are tossing around your power a little too much. Again, just another opinion, I have no horse in this race. I didn't really like the counting thread, but I don't think it really bothered anyone either.