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    Default Here are my thoughts


    I believe closing the counting thread was the wrong course of action.

    I believe one of the best ways to enjoy life is to be able to laugh at yourself. I do it all the time.

    In many ways, Hicks, I believe you have become a parody of yourself with the "PD CEO" member status, and in many ways the somewhat disconnected feeling I now receive from this forum have severely hurt my enjoyment of it.

    I may receive an infraction or a banning, I don't know, but I write this post more out of sadness than anything else. When I joined PD in 2006 it was because it was a community I felt the admins were a part of, above the cliques and other things of that nature. Unfortunately, you say that some of us who have partaken in the counting thread have created these cliques. I must respectfully disagree. The Pacers board has perhaps become the most unwelcoming place to post for me. New opinions are often greeted with hostility. Long time posters are allowed to get away with open ridicule of new poster's intelligence.

    It is wrong. I am not sure if you don't notice it, or if you merely don't care, but it is with a heavy heart that I feel I must deliver this message. For many years here, I felt that I often saw eye to eye with you, however over the past 3-4 months, I feel like there has been a significant change in the way things are handled.

    Certain events and mis-steps are looked over. I can go on the Pacers board on any given day and see demeaning comment after demeaning comment rarely receiving attention as long as certain, what I would call buzz words, are avoided.

    I don't know what will become of this post. I don't mean it as a personal attack, and I don't intend for it be viewed as immature, but rather as a public critique.

    You have deemed yourself the "PD CEO" fine, it is your board, your baby, you should have the final say, but it is also important to remember that CEOs are appointed in the corporate world by a board of directors, who they are ultimately responsible to.

    I feel in some ways PD has lost sight of what once made it great, in order to be ESPN or some other form of news. It used to be a community. I don't get that feeling as much anymore.

    And that makes me sad in many ways.

    If you wish to punish those with dissenting opinions, then I cannot stand in your way, but I would encourage you to re-open the counting thread so that those who were not involved may enjoy it as they always did.


    Trader Joe
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