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Thread: Danny Granger basketball camp

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    Default Danny Granger basketball camp

    Just an FYI in case any of you have kids or know someone interested in attending Granger's camp this summer:

    What: Danny Granger basketball camp
    When: July 28th-August 1st early session 9am-12pm; afternoon session from 1pm-4pm (depending on age)
    Where: The Fieldhouse in Fishers (right off 116th Street and Interstate 69) behind the Super Target
    Who: Kids 7-11 and 12-18
    Why: To learn from a great player and person in Granger

    For more info, please see the link:

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    Me and my buddy want to start a basketball camp. We are trying to start planning it where should be start?

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    I might suggest reaching out to your local parks & rec department or high school(s) as a starting point.

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