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    Default TWG: Mafia- Day #9 RIP Market Square

    “I bet you're all wondering why I've called you back here. Btowncolt is dead. His body was found pumped full of lead by the strip joint, Little Bo Peep's. I'll give you one guess on who done it”.

    We all knew who done it. It was the same man that put a hit out on my father a few weeks ago. Caine S. Lupus. He was Capone's right-hand man's right hand man. He was a fat little **** who did as he was told. He talked a lot of ****, but sent his boys to do his dirty work. His boys were never alone. They would walk the streets at night in packs. They were dogs, every last one of them. My family and I referred to them as The Wolves.

    I've had a beef with Lupus ever since he showed up in the Windy City. You see, my father owned a speakeasy called Market Square. It was the most successful joint in all of Illinois, and still is thanks to me and btown. Rumor has it that Capone himself wanted in on the action, but my father wanted none of it. He was concerned that if the speakeasy were to ever lose business and he couldn't pay Capone, that something would happen to me as a result. A few months later, Lupus and his pack shows up and starts causing trouble. A few weeks ago, my father was gunned down in the city market. Three men were arrested for it, but they got off clean after Lupus testified that they were with him at his joint all night. The boys got off like nothing ever happened. Thing is, I wasn't about to let my father's death go so quickly. That miserable, fat ******* would pay for what he did.

    I decided to track down my childhood friend, btowncolt. He was at his family's farm in Indiana, that boy sure did love his sheep. I explained the situation, he said he knew a made man that could help us out. After paying btown's man off we were able to become made “men” ourselves. We quickly formed a family of our own; mainly a bunch of guys, and a gal, who also had a beef with Lupus and his family. We are the type of family that doesn't mess with you, until you **** with us. Then you better pray that God takes you up for a visit before we get ahold of you. Our first act as a family was gunning down the three accused men in front of their houses for all of their families and neighbors to see. I felt I had avenged my father, but I wasn't ready for the consequences.

    The day before he was whacked, btown came to me with some news. Apparently a couple of wolves had approached him with an enticing offer. Lupus was willing to make btown his right-hand man if he helped Lupus ice me and take over the speak easy. Btown wasn't no sap and said he'd definitely consider it; they gave him 24 hours to come up with an answer. His death led me to believe that btown said no. This news however made me suspicious. What if Lupus had paid off some of my guys already? What if there were wolves in my family right now? One could be tending bar even as I sit here thinking.

    In my paranoid state, I hired my own private investigator to look into members of my family. The P.I. reports to me only and is paid in cash. Not even my bodyguard, Pig Nash, knows about my acquaintance. I've also hired a doctor, in secret as well, to save my family members if The Wolves ever got to them.

    “I have a feeling that there will be more deaths in the future. Starting today. Someone has got to pay for my best friend's death. Who will it be? You wiseguys figure it out and get back to me, by sundown.”

    Pig Nash - Killed in drive-by Day 5 (one of us)
    Belli - Gunned down by wolves Day 7 (one of us)
    Sweabs - Damn dirty wolf!
    Trader Joe - Shot by Boss Hogg by btown's grave Night 4 (one of us)
    Toxic Avenger - Gunned down by wolves Night 1 (one of us)
    Sookie - Died fighting the wolves Day 9
    SoupisGood- Damn dirty wolf!
    Since86- Gunned down by food cart Day 3 (our own crooked cop)
    Dab - Filled with lead by N8R, Merz and Boss Hogg on Day 5 (Damn dirty wolf!)
    cdash - Shot by Boss Hogg in alley Day 7 (one of us)
    flox - Shot by Boss Hogg in Market Square (our own P.I.)
    kuq - Sleepin with the fishes Night 6 (one of our own)
    SycamoreKen - Shot by VAPacersfan Day 9 (one of us)
    Los Angeles- Gunned down outside Lupus's joint on Night 2 (D*mn dirty wolf!)
    N8R - Choked in apartment hallway Night 8 (one of us)
    VAPacersFan- *****in traitor (infected human)
    billbradley - Hung by his stethoscope Night 6 (Our doctor)
    Anthem- Exiled by Ms. Piggy back to England Night 8 (one of us)
    GO!!!!! - Gunned down outside Market Square Day 4 (one of us)
    Trophy - Slug between the eyes Day 1 (one of us)
    Merz - Whereabouts unkown Day 9 (one of us)

    Basic Rules:

    1.) There are 21 players. 4 wolves, 1 seer (private investigator), 1 angel (doctor), and 15 humans.

    2.) Wolves confer and eat one person every "night."

    3.) The seer finds out the role (human, angel, or wolf) of one person every "night."

    4.) The angel protects one person at night from being eaten. If the wolves select the same person as the angel, the next morning the story must reflect the fact that person was "saved" by the angel and no one died during the night.

    5.) Humans vote for someone to die during the "day." They may change their vote once per day. The person with the most votes at the end of the day is sent to die and the story reveals what that person was (wolf, seer, angel, or human).

    6.) Wolves win by outnumbering the humans during the "day" and over running the town and eating everyone remaining.

    7.) The humans (and the seer and angel) win by killing all of the wolves.

    8.)The seer, angel, or wolves may not reveal themselves in the thread.

    9.)Please do not use the forum software to win the game. Hicks hasn't gotten back to us about appearing offline, so we'll have to use the honor system in this game.

    10.)No posting Pms on the thread! They're supposed to be private. You can talk about the content, but no copying and pasting the actual message. Also, try and work the content into the story.

    11.)During this game we're gonna try something new. One time during the game, the wolves can “infect” someone of their choosing. If someone is infected they become a wolf. If the angel protects that person, then the infection doesn't happen and the wolves are screwed. No redos! I'll make it clear in the story when the infection has happened. It'll be your job to figure out who they got.

    12.)Once you're dead you can't post any of your predictions or assumptions of who's a wolf, seer, or angel. You can post a “goodbye story” though. Dead players can not contact people via PM that are still playing.

    Congratulations to the winners of the game. The wolves: Sweabs, SoupisGood, and VAPacersfan. You guys laid low and had everyone pointing at everyone, but you. Great job.
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