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    Default The Wolf Game Rules Thread

    We have a pretty good thing going with wolf games again. That's great! I love TWG and all it's variations (The Mafia Game, TAG) so it's good that we have a group of players and some newbies that enjoy playing and are active. I think it's time we start actually writing down some of the nebulous rules that come into play from time to time when you play this on the internet.

    Mostly this all comes down to PMs and their effect on the game.

    In real life, the wolves can't get together secretly and make plans they have to talk in public and try to make plans without being caught, or just kill willy nilly and not try to hard during the day to use the numbers advantage.

    Online, one of the main things that's fun is scheming when you're a wolf so to take away secret communication would be taking away one of the best parts of the game, so if you allow the wolves to do it, you should let everyone PM each other. So what do you do when it comes to the rules governing PMs. Here are my suggested rules regarding PMs:

    1.) No copy and pasting PMs in thread to prove a point. You can take any knowledge you gain from PMs and weave them into your argument, but you can't just say, "here's this PM I got from so and so, he's a wolf, obviously I'm a human."

    2.) Seers and Angels (and wolves, although why?) can not reveal themselves in thread, but may do so in PMs. However, the seer may not use other humans as a proxy to tell other humans to vote certain ways.

    In real life seers try to make the case that people are either human or a wolf and sometimes being the seer means you're the most talkative so people tend to go with your ideas, then the wolves kill you. It's a hard role to stay alive and be effective at. Online, you want to do the opposite. Lay low, don't get caught and spread your knowledge to as many people as possible. But if the seer online is able to just have a human say, "the seer saw these two people, they are wolves, vote them out" then it makes the seer to powerful. Humans don't mind dying if they are gonna take some wolves out with them so they can act like shields to the seer. It's a good strategy for the seer, and I commend binary for using it, but I think it should be disallowed in the future. -edit, we're going to try the infection rule to balance this strategy out

    Seers should have to try their best to convince people they are right about a player and hint that may be they know what they're talking about. When it comes to seers and PMs they can grow their support structure and more humans will know not to vote for other humans, and the seer can still be effective that way as well.

    3.) No using the forum software to overcome in game problems. Basically what LA did in TWG 20X6. It was a good move, and it helped the humans win the game, but I don't think it should be allowed in the future either.

    In order to help with that because the option would still be there and it would be impossible to police as a GM, I set up 4 gmail accounts.

    DigestGM at gmail
    DigestWolf1 at gmail
    DigestSeer at gmail
    DigestAngel at gmail

    The password for all of them is pacersdigest right now, but when we play a game and you are assigned that role (1 wolf will use the gmail account), you can go use that gmail account, change the password, and email the gm your choices so that you're not looking at the gms page or pming him. (and the seer and the angel should not email each other to find out who each other are, the gm should have access to your account so that if he sees that activity, both are revealed and killed in the next story)

    Also I'd ask people use the honor system and not use the forum to win.

    And now for some other rules plus the basic rules of TWG.

    1.) There are 21 players (I think this is the best ratio and an odd number means you start on a fake night where no one who really wants to play gets killed without playing at least one day.) 4 wolves, 1 seer, 1 angel, and 15 humans.

    2.) Wolves confer and eat one person every "night."

    3.) The seer finds out the role (human, angel, or wolf) of one person every "night."

    4.) The angel protects one person at night from being eaten. If the wolves select the same person as the angel, the next morning the story must reflect the fact that person was "saved" by the angel and no one died during the night.

    5.) Humans vote for someone to die during the "day." They may change their vote once per day. The person with the most votes at the end of the day is sent to die and the story reveals what that person was (wolf, seer, angel, or human).

    6.) Wolves win by outnumbering the humans during the "day" and over running the town and eating everyone remaining.

    7.) The humans (and the seer and angel) win by killing all of the wolves.

    That's it for me for now, any thoughts? Anybody that wants to play the next one or has a rule change to discuss, or wants to talk about mine, post in here!
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