I'm anxious to see where all these guys go. Number one so I don't have to listen to it on the radio/tv every time I watch sports. Plus I really am curious to see where all these guys go as it will change the standings.

I don't think Lebron will go to New York. They don't have a better team then Cleveland. He isn't any more likely to win in New York then he is in Cleveland.

If i'm Lebron the situation that would interest me the most would be New Jersey. He would be with a very talented team and wouldn't be in anyone's shadow (like in Chicago with Michael Jordan) The new Net's owner is loaded, Avery has shown he can coach, and their talent is better then the rest overall. Devin Harris, Lee/Williams, Favors, and Lopez. Maybe Favors doesn't play right away but if they can get a halfway decent PF there and have a decent bench they could be in the Finals next year if Lebron goes there. I really think that would be the best situation for him short term and long term.

Of course there is Chiacgo but I don't think there team is set up as nicely as the Nets (Rose is better then Harris), Tom T is not a proven coach, and would Lebron want to play in MJ's shadow?

I think Bosh goes to Chicago thought with or without Lebron. He would be a great fit there and with him there they could be as good as any team in the East.

I think Miami keeps Wade and adds Amare or Boozer. After that I don't know who they add. It'll be interesting to see who they give their money to.

New York is the team I think could be losing the battle out of all the teams with cap space. Maybe Joe Johnson goes there but I don't think they land one of the top names.