I downloaded the new iOS 4 this afternoon, then told it to install once it was ready.

It initiated around 1:30pm, and by 3:00 or so I decided to reset the device and try again because it had gotten "stuck" where, on my PC, it said "Restoring iPhone software..." with the meter looking to be about 95% complete. Meanwhile, my iPhone showed the Apple logo along with a white progress/loading bar underneath, and it appeared to be at about 60%. It had stayed that way for several minutes before I decided to punt and try again.

So the second attempt was underway at about 3:30. Things looked fine and were progressing along.

When I left for work at about 4:50, it had been back to 95% on the PC and 60% on the iPhone for approximately an hour and 15 minutes straight.

I've just now gotten home and have checked on it, and as of 10:27PM it's STILL at 95% on my PC and 60% on my iPhone! So we're talking almost seven hours here.

Am I just screwed, or should I expect it to be okay by the time I get up tomorrow morning if I leave it alone now?

Assuming Radio Shack's pre-order of my iPhone 4 didn't get screwed up by Apple, I should be getting my new phone anyway on Thursday, but it would still kind of blow not to have a phone the next few days.....