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Thread: Speculation: Lebron to Bulls, Bosh to Miami

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    Default Speculation: Lebron to Bulls, Bosh to Miami

    No sources, just my own speculation...

    Amare stays with Suns, Dirk stays with Mavs, Joe Johnson to ????

    Just for discussion, which team (Bulls or Heat) would be better if that happened?

    Chicago with Lebron and Rose or Miami with Wade and Bosh?
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    Default Re: Speculation: Lebron to Bulls, Bosh to Miami

    Chicago, if for no other reason than they're in our division and we're made to suffer.
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    Default Re: Speculation: Lebron to Bulls, Bosh to Miami

    Assuming your scenario plays out, Chicago will be better immediately. This is because the Bulls have a ton of peices to put around LeBron. The Heat will have a bunch of scrubs around Bosh and Wade. Bosh will be dealing with the same thing that hurt him in Toronto. He needs a real center to play with. A Dalembert or Kwame Brown type. Someone who plays solid defense and isn't a huge low post scoring option. Bosh is a solid player but he was like JO here without a true center to help take the burden off him.

    I like your speculation. Amare should stay, but then again Kerr just resigned and that really hurts his chances of staying. Amare and his agent really trusted Kerr and built a great relationship. Leaving it up to Robert Sarver, he may pipnch his pennies over keeping Amare. He still SHOULD stay in Phoenix because Nash gives him so many good opportunities to score, he's improved his defense tremendously, and he has a young center in Lopez to play next to. The Suns are a great fit for him. I could see him bolting for NY however if he does leave.

    Carlos Boozer is the big wild card for me. I think he would be a great fit in Indy honestly. I think the Jazz are really considering letting him see what he can get on the market from somebody and basically just matching that figure. I see him staying in Utah because Miami will only be able to give him around 5-6M per year since they need so many players. The one viable place I could really see him being a good fit is in NJ/Brooklyn. The Nets would have Harris, Lee, TWill, Boozer and Lopez. Boozer brings a different attitude to that team and a veteran presence. He would take so much pressure off of Lopez, but they would need to upgrade at SG/SF. That team is too young for Boozer's liking though and not close enough to contending for him to go there. Minnesota, Oklahoma City, Clippers, Nets... all teams that could offer him a solid contract, but none are really contenders outside of OKC, but OKC has to re-sign a lot of their rookie deals in the next year or two and that would be a huge burden to sign Boozer. OKC could use a big man on an expiring contract.... wait a second!!! Chicago will probably be a player for him as well.

    Wade, Dirk, Pierce, Ray Allen, and Yao stay with their respective teams.

    LeBron will stay in Cleveland IMO. Cleveland will look like a very different team though. Mo Williams fits LeBron, Verejao does too. I think a front court of Hickson, Jamison, and Verajao is great for them going forward. They have a bunch of money coming off their books and they can offer more money. Plus, he is a failure if he doesn't win his hometown a championship.

    Joe Johnson is a bit of a wild card as well. The big thing for Johnson is that he will probably wait to see some of the other guys sign first. He let's the four or five better free agents set the market and become unavailable until he is the best player on the market and with several teams still having money to spend. One of those teams will overspend on him at that point. So a lot of Joe Johnson's decision will be responsive to everyone else and it makes him difficult to peg. I think that he will be the one that ends up in Chicago. Rose, Johnson, Deng, Gibson/Johnson, Noah. That becomes a totally different team. He is a much better fit than LeBron, but with LeBron you just make the roster work around him no matter what. Johnson will provide the scoring that they missed so much. That takes a ton of pressure off Rose with Johnson's ability to handle the rock and score. Deng IMO will be healthier in general and can play his game a little better. He is not a player who will score at will and this allows him to be a complementary offensive player and focus on his defensive prowess. This would be a very good defensive team.

    Bosh will head to Miami. He is the guy they want. He is the best big man out there. He needs a center though. Miami doesn't have one and I would look for them to go after Brendan Haywood as well. You could fill in at PG with a vet min guy with Beasley playing SF. I bet we will see the Heat trying to trade for second round picks this year because it is the cheapest way to fill out their roster.

    Rudy Gay is the most under-reported free agent out there (with Haywood being a close second). Rudy Gay will probably go to the Nets, Knicks, or Clippers. He is a very good young player who can play both sides of the ball well. He can score off the bounce and from deep, facilitate when necessary, and he defends. I could see him in LA because they have a gaping hole at SF and Diddy, Gordon, Gay, Griffin, and Kaman is a heck of a starting lineup. They have no depth though. NY has nothing other than Chandler who plays SF already. The Nets need help on the wings pretty bad and if they draft Favors, they can move TWill over to SG with Courtney Lee and feel good about the direction of their team. I see him in NJ.

    Haywood is going to want money and the only teams that will pay for him outside of Dallas are not contenders. I look for him to stay in Dallas, but he might take a bit less to go play in Miami.

    David Lee will probably stay in NY. NY won't be winners in free agency, but they will keep a very good young player to build around. They need everything.

    Udonis Haslem might go to Chicago. Good fit for him there.

    Guys like Korver, Mike Miller, TMac, JO, Josh Howard, Al Harrington, John Salmons, Ronnie Brewer, and Ray Felton will all be the next tier of players to get signed. Once everything shakes out these guys can start demanding money wherever it is left.

    NYK lineup in 2010-2011:

    PG - Felton/Rodriguez
    SG - Salmons/Howard
    SF - TMac/Chandler
    PF - Harrington/JO
    C - Lee/Kwame Brown

    And the Knicks fans hopes of a championship still stand!!!

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