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Thread: Road Trip Time!

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    Default Road Trip Time!

    I try to catch at least 1 or 2 road games each season. This season has an unusually high number of reasonable road trips on the calendar.

    One trip seems to have a little more luster than most. Reggie may likely play his final 2 games in Madison Square Garden on Saturday, February 26th and Tuesday, April 5th.

    Who's up for it? It's time to start thinking ahead for this one.

    A few other away games that look appealing:

    Friday, 11/19/04, @ Detroit
    Saturday, 12/18/04, @ Chicago
    Saturday, 2/5/05, @ Atlanta
    Sunday, 3/13/05, @ Cleveland
    Friday, 3/25/05, @ Detroit
    Saturday, 3/26/05, @ Chicago
    Sunday, 4/17/05, @ Miami

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    Default Re: Road Trip Time!

    I'd like to go to Detroit... But i'd potentially go to Madison Square Garden too
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    Default Re: Road Trip Time!

    come to Boston and you can crash on the floor at my place if you bring beer and pizza.

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