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Thread: HOLY Crap Batman!! A trade rumor with TJ Ford in it...

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    Default HOLY Crap Batman!! A trade rumor with TJ Ford in it...

    The Charlotte Bobcats have an interesting decision when it comes a starter at the point-guard position. Do they try to re-sign Raymond Felton or do they try to acquire a floor leader via a trade? The Bobcats would probably re-sign Felton, but they have to be careful how much they offer. Rick Bonnell of The Charlotte Observer has some thoughts on the subject.

    Bonnell writes: "Felton is an exceptional guy -- accountable, competitive, a leader. The problem is he has not proven he is an above-average NBA point guard. But he seemingly expects to be paid like one. I spoke to three current or former player-personnel guys in the league about this, and was struck by the similarity of their reactions: The Bobcats are in equal danger of overpaying Felton or being left with no real point guard. Dilemma is an overused word, but this is a dilemma. ... The Bobcats need to do something assertive. I understand more than ever why they tried to acquire T.J. Ford from the Indiana Pacers at the trade deadline. I don't know exactly what aborted that deal, but I'd guess it was then-owner Bob Johnson containing cost, while arranging a sale."

    Bonnell asked general manager Rod Higgins if the club would revisit a trade for Ford and Higgins said he'd revisit a lot of things.

    How about TJ Ford for a cup of coffee? maybe not. He actually has more value to the Pacers for his expiring contract than he does as a player, and I hope they don't forget that. If TJ Ford is an upgrade for any team's PG spot, I don't want what they are selling in return, at least among his most direct peers.

    If they could manage a pick out of the deal, I'd do it in a heart beat. Even if it was one of those hair picks or even a tooth pick.

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    Default Re: HOLY Crap Batman!! A trade rumor with TJ Ford in it...

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