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    Default To the readers of the forum

    A couple years ago I had a little idea about an all time NBA draft. At the time there was lots of talk about who was the greatest to ever play. I thought it would be great fun to see how a draft of anyone that ever played would unfold.

    I sat on the idea for awhile because I really wasn't sure of the response it would receive or just exactly how to pull it off.

    This off season I decided, what the heck, lets see what happens. If nothing else it will help kill a little time during the "basketball hell" that is August & September.

    With the help of Burnzone we had a site that allowed us to actually play out games using the rosters that we put together.

    Seems a few other in our league had some experience with What if Sports as well. Burnzone, Roaming Gnome & Sycamore Ken & others all lent a hand in getting the rest of us prepared for our game.

    The little idea to see who the top 100 or so players in the history of the game were had turned into a full blown contest.

    About a third of the way thru the draft Roaming Gnome stepped in & started keeping track of how much each "owner" was spending on his roster.

    By this time the game had gotten a lot bigger than I ever thought it would.

    Gnome came up with the idea for the brackets, the best way to rank each team, the idea for the "regular season" & the format for the playoffs. He also was able to figure out a way to format the box scores so he could post them on our board. Then he stepped in & volunteered to sim every game once the action was to start.

    Roaming Gnome you did an amazing job & the silly little idea I had would not have amounted to anything had you not stepped in & turned it into the event it turned out to be.

    I hope you have the time to run the game next season & allow me to return to defend my title.

    As mentioned before, Burnzone & Sycamore Ken also had a great deal to do with getting the game headed in the right direction.

    A very big tip of the hat also to Magic Rat. MR jumped into the game in mid-draft & put together a very solid team. He also did an outstanding job posting updated stats during the playoffs.

    A big thanks to all that played in the first Drafting Game.

    Rim Bender
    Louisville Lip
    Roaming Gnome
    Magic Rat
    Sycamore Ken
    Pig Nash

    I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. Once again, Gnome, thank you sir, very nice job.

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    Default Re: To the readers of the forum

    Jose Slaughter, I must say that your idea for this tournament was a great one. It was fun as hell, and great to see unfold into what it turned out to be as you, Roaming Gnome, Magic Rat, and Sycamore Ken put in different efforts.

    I hope that we can make it a 'regular' thing to do, maybe a couple or multiple times a year, depending on how many people are available to play at the given time.

    It was one of the most enjoyable things I've seen as what began as a time killer in the off season for the board to pass time with, so thanks again Jose Slaughter.

    This second fantasy draft we have going on with the individual franchises seems to be cool as well, so hopefully it can turn into something like the first one also.

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    Default Re: To the readers of the forum

    gentleman, it was great fun, sadly I ran into snags here with work, so could not spend the time needed to allow me to make line-up changes when needed, but I am sure I learned lessons for next year, rest assured I will play

    Thanks for the initiative and the time spend on it, many thanks even.

    So Long And Thanks For All The Fish.

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