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    I talked about this in a thread on the main page... but I figured I would throw it out there in this forum.

    GS gets:

    Troy Murphy 1 yr, $12M
    2010 #10 overall

    IND gets:

    Monta Ellis 4 yr, $44M

    While I would like to snare their #34 overall from them, I think this is a fair trade. I would probably dangle TJ Ford out there first, and if they balk tell them we will give them Murphy if they include #34.

    PG need, solved. Terrible defense out of our PF spot, solved. We gain another $3M in cap space with this deal, which is helpful. We keep all of our young guys and have more leverage to make another deal with our young pieces.

    Another variation: Foster, Ford and #10 for Ellis and B. Wright.

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    The second option you gave would probably be better for the sole reason that GS fans would likely riot if Murphy or Dunleavy ever suited up for them again.

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