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Just so that everyone can get an idea about what the cost is to take on Okafor, here is what he's owed on his contract:

2010-2011 : $11.795 mil
2011-2012 : $12.793 mil
2012-2013 : $13.790 mil
2013-2014 : $14.788 mil ( Player Early Termination Option )

When we're talking about taking on Okafor, we're talking about committing $$$ on a "Granger-Level" Player....specifically a "Robin" to Granger's "Batman"...or vice versa. The question is....do you think that Okafor is worth that much?

IMHO....it's not worth it given the amount of $$$ that we'd have to commit to in taking on Okafor.

The only trade that I would consider where we get Collison and Okafor is if we swapped Picks:




I know that this maybe asking for too much while giving up little on our end....but Okafor's $53.17 mil Guaranteed Contract for the next 4 seasons is a bitter pill to swallow. IMHO....Collison isn't enough of a sweetner to take on Okafor's contract.
Okafor's contract is so bad that they would have to include the 11th pick for it to even be considered and take bck Ford as well as Murphy.

We would get Collison, Okafor pick 10 and pick 11.

And we still wouldnt do it.

After the new CBA, his contrcat is going to look even worse than it is already.