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Thread: 3 Way GS-Mem Trade

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    Default 3 Way GS-Mem Trade

    Golden State is currently for sale and Monta Ellis is signed for about $45mm the next 4 years.

    With that said:

    Golden State sends:

    Ellis back home to Memphis
    Brendan Wright to Indiana

    Memphis sends:

    Mike Conley to Indiana
    Hydett Hiddai to Golden State
    25th pick to Indiana

    Indiana sends:

    Troy Murphy to Golden State
    Brandon Rush to Golden State

    There are several possible variations of this as well since Memphis is well under the cap and can absorb teh cap hit for Ellis.

    Memphis may in fact be bale to get away without adding anything beyond Conley and teh draft pick. I included Haddai to save salary but they may want him back.......not a deal breaker.

    For us Murphy's expiring deal is probably close to the value of Conley when you add in Wright's $4mm guaranteed contract. And at this point Rush is probably worth the 25th pick in this draft.

    For Golden State its a steal even though they lose the most talent wise. The value of their franchise jumps $20mm easy teh day this done and with Curry and their bevy of SGs they wont miss Ellis much and also get out of Wright's deal in the process. At 6 they take their favorite big and can move Murphy somewhere at the deadline for a future #1 pick I would think.

    Memphis is the team that may not go for this because ofthe financial committment involved.

    However, very few players willfully would choose Memphis as their destination but Ellis is one guy who would. he would immediately be the face of their franchise going forward and would spark real enthusiasm making it easier to resign Rudy Gay. They could then dangle OJ Mayo........possibly to Minnesota for the #4 pick and draft Cousins to pair with Gasol after Randolph's deal ends. That would save them a lot of money down the road.

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    Default Re: 3 Way GS-Mem Trade

    Good trade. Realistically, I think we throw a 2nd rounder to Golden State if that's the trade, but it'd still probably be worth it.

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    Default Re: 3 Way GS-Mem Trade

    I think that 25th pick from Memphis should be going to Golden State to make it fair. I like the premise of this deal though.

    Murphy and Rush for Brendan Wright, Mike Conley and the 25th is a lot when we don't even need to facilitate this trade with Murphy's expiring. I think Memphis would take a chance on Wright as well to bolster the future of their front court. I would think we wouldn't even need to be involved in this deal. Memphis sends Conley and the pick to GS for Ellis. GS could then swing Conley straight up to us for Rush (even though I wouldn't care for that deal, but it would make sense).

    Murphy would have more value in a trade not involving a team under the cap.

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