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Thread: Hedo 3-way with Portland

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    Default Hedo 3-way with Portland

    Indy trades Ford + Foster to Toronto.

    Portland trades Pryzbilla (expiring) + Fernandez to Indy, 1st round pick ( maybe this year, maybe future) to Toronto.

    Toronto trades Hedo to Portland, Jack to Indy.


    This, of course, assumes that Portland still wants Hedo.
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    Default Re: Hedo 3-way with Portland

    there us now way toronto wants ford back, plus no one is going to take chance on foster after his back surgery until he plays again.

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    Default Re: Hedo 3-way with Portland

    Portland is not trading Pryzbilla (expiring) + Fernandez and a 1st for Hedo. Hedo is probably the most untradeable player in the NBA right now. Theres 4 years left on that huge contract of his. Hes way over paid
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