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Thread: The 2010 PD Forum Awards! AWARDS HALFWAY DONE, WEEK 3 FINALS UP!

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    Default The 2010 PD Forum Awards! AWARDS HALFWAY DONE, WEEK 3 FINALS UP!

    Ok, Hicks asked me to run this for him this year (and I think that's fitting since I am the one that basically started the conversation about having them here and I think it's one of the most fun things we do over the summer while it's boring. But, I'm gonna start the discussion and nominations now because I've got a few ideas. But first, here are the award winners for the past couple years (2006 and 2007 are gone, did the crash kill them? 2005/2004 are still there)

    ALL of Our 2009 Award Winners:

    Rookie of the Year: BRushWithDeath
    Sunshiner of the Year: duke dynamite
    Best Non-American Poster: Mourning
    Off Topic Thread of the Year: Speed - Is it me or has the demeanor of the board changed?
    Darksider of the Year: ChicagoJ
    Underrated Poster of the Year: Roaming Gnome
    Off Topic Post of the Year: Natston
    Best Non-Pacer Fan: d_c
    Pacers Post of the Year: MagicRat
    Pacers Thread of the Year: Jose Slaughter - Today in Pacer History
    Moderate Poster of the Year: Putnam
    The MagicRat Most Humorous Poster: Co-Winners avoidingtheclowns and JayRedd
    Best Debator: Naptown_Seth
    Post More Often: JayRedd
    thunderbird1245 Best Arm Chair Coach: imawhat
    Most Valuable Poster: count55

    Congratulations, everyone!

    2008 Winners:

    MVP: Unclebuck
    Thread of the Year: Counting: It's Fun
    Post of the Year: Shawne > Rush > Quis #23 - JayRedd
    Poster You Most Love to Hate: JayRedd
    Best Non-American: Mourning
    Best Couple: JayRedd/LoneGranger33 & rcarey/newman8r tie
    Best Non-Pacer Fan: Kstat
    Sunshiner of the Year: Hicks
    Most Fanatical Poster: Duke Dynamite
    Darksider of the Year: Bball
    Best Arm Chair Coach: Thunderbird1245
    Post More Often: Thunderbird1245
    ROTY: Kester99
    Most Humorous: JayRedd
    Most Argumentative: Naptown_Seth

    MVP - Peck

    Poster You Most Love to Hate - Kstat

    Best Foreign Poste - Mourning

    Best Non-Pacer Fan - DisplacedKnick

    Most Fanatical Poster - Unclebuck

    Most Pessimistic Poster - Jay@Section204 (ChicagoJ)

    Best Arm-Chair Coach - Peck

    Most Improved Poster - Harmonica

    Most Argumentative Poster - Kstat

    Rookie Poster of the Year - SoupIsGood

    Most Humorous Poster - MagicRat

    2004 Rookie Poster of the Year: Jay@Section222

    2004 Most Humorous Poster: MagicRat

    2004 Most Argumentative Poster: bulletproof

    2004 Most Improved Poster: able

    2004 Best Arm-Chair Coach: Jay@Section222

    2004 Most Pessimistic Poster: indytoad

    2004 Most Fanatical Poster: JONeal7

    2004 Best Foreign Poster: Kstat

    2004 Poster You Most Love to Hate: Kstat

    2004 Most Valuable Poster: Unclebuck

    So that gives you an idea of the categories we've had over the years and here are the categories I think are the most essential:
    MVP - Obviously, who do you think is the most important member of the board? Who has the most insight? Who always fosters lively discussion? Whose posts do you look forward to reading? This category is the most important one.

    ROTY - I think this one is close to the top because it shows the direction of the forum. Which newcomer wowed you the most?

    MagicRat Award - Shortening this one cuz everyone knows he's funny, so the award should just be his name. (same will go for Tbird.) Who provided the comic relief, who made you ? Who got you in trouble at work for laughing when you should be working?

    T-Bird Award - Who provided the most keen eye when it came to in game situations and player breakdowns? Whose opinion on a player or a team do you trust the most?

    Post More Often - This is less of an award and more of a plea from other posters. We like what you do, do more of it! It's still an honor to get though and I think maybe we should rename it. Any suggestions?

    Darksider/Sunshiner/Moderate - Seperate categories, one explanation. Who were the leaders of their respective sides in debates? Who loved to love the Pacers/everything they do? Who loved to hate their direction? Who played the best Switzerland?

    Best Foreigner/Best Non Pacer Fan - One is from a different country, and one is from another fan base, who were the best?

    PPOTY/PTOTY - The best Pacers related post, and thread, respectively

    OTPOTY/OTTOTY - The best OT post, and thread, respectively

    Inessential awards
    Best Debator - Unless everyone disagrees, I think this category can go. The Darksider/Sunshiner/Moderate awards cover this I think and generally one of those posters is arguing/debating the most.

    Underrated Poster - I think this is covered by post more often. Once again, if I'm wrong or you really love this category, let me know.

    MIPoster - This has been gone in recent years but generally it's kind of insulting since it implies you sucked as a poster before. Generally it awards posters that weren't quite MVP material but I think we have enough other awards for those posters.

    Most Fanatical - I think is covered by Sunshiner.

    Best couple - doesn't apply every year and is generally kind of a joke

    Poster You Love to Hate - Covered by Darksider generally.

    Possible New Awards:
    There are a couple of awards I think would be interesting to add to the mix.

    OTMVP - This is the best poster that keeps discussion lively in the other boards. Who gives us insight into things besides the Pacers?

    Draft King - Kind of a companion to TBird award (and one he could be eligible to win too) This poster keeps us updated on all things college basketball and keeps us informed on who the Pacers/rest of the NBA, should/will pick.

    I'd also be interested in any suggestions for new awards or tweaks for old awards anyone has!

    Post in the thread with nominations for the different categories, suggestions for new categories or tweaks for old, and thoughts about the awards in general!
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