After my father and I went to the Cowboys game last year ( Do you remember the game? If so I apologize). Well I was furious after the game for a number of reasons, the big reason being that the food they served was horrible and the only drink options we had were ice cold beverages.

I sent a letter to Dan Snyder after that game, and needless to say I was not happy. I asked for a full refund for the Cowboys game, and I also asked him to sell me the team for $1. I even offered for him to take the one dollar off of the price that I paid for the seats. Needless to say I was not expecting a reply.

Weeks passed and I did not think of this letter. Then one day I got my mail on campus, and I had a letter from Redskins park. Bruce Allen sent me a hand written note thanking me for being a life long fan, and he said that he respected all Redskins fans, especially those who are serving overseas. Enclosed in that envelope was his card with his email address and phone number.

I never did call or email him, and I think I kept that letter for a while but as I was packing after graduation I misplaced it.

Well I had forgot about it until the other day, when I remember I had lost the card that had his email address. I wrote a short note saying I was excited to be back in the area and that I was looking forward to the Skins turning around. I received another handwritten note that read:


Welcome back to the Burgundy and Gold.

We hope you will be singing "Hail To The Redskins" frequently

-Bruce Allen

Kind of a cool gesture. I realize it is not much, but after dealing with Vinny as our GM it is cool to see the powers to be willing to reach out to the fan-base, even if it is just with a hand written note.