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Thread: ABADays has passed away.

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    Default Re: ABADays has passed away.

    I could kick myself. I was going to ask him to go to a game with me last spring and it didn't come together for whatever reason on my end. He didn't know but to myself I thought I'd make it up to him this season, felt like I owed him.

    I guess my main concern was that I wasn't sure how mobile he was, but I didn't know the cancer had come back.

    Great guy, as the thread shows.

    If there is something to take away from this it's his impact and how we can carry on that attitude. There are tons of online forums for all sorts of subjects. Some others are on the PD par, but not many. The fact that we do get together and make it a family is special, even if it seems trivial or simple at the time.

    Hopefully there will be a day we look back and talk about Gnome or Peck or maybe even me like this, meaning that we will have carried on this Pacer fan family for decades to come. There's no good reason not too IMO. John has shown us the model and we'd do him proud to follow him I think.

    Hopefully he's someplace where he can feel our appreciation too.

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