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Thread: Video: Fear the Deer is no longer just a motto

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    Default Video: Fear the Deer is no longer just a motto

    Here's the video

    Video: 'Fear the Deer' is no longer just a motto

    By Trey Kerby

    Even though they were just ousted from the playoffs, you can still hop on the Milwaukee Bucks' "Fear the Deer" bandwagon for next year. If you're looking for a reason to be afraid of the cuddly animals, here are two big ones. You'll notice them crashing through the glass doors of the Stout Ale House in Menomonie, Wis., during the Bucks' season-ending Game 7 loss to the Atlanta Hawks. Not so cuddly.

    Yeah, that's scary. No humans were hurt, and the only deer injury was that of the lead blocker who got a bit cut up, which is bound to happen after charging through thick glass.

    Owner Jeff Oullette wasn't too upset. In fact, he was downright bemused by the whole situation.

    "I think they just lost their bearings and got startled," he said. "I've seen this happen on TV before, but I never thought it would happen around here. It was pretty amusing."

    Amusing is one way of looking at it, I guess. And if he's that happy, maybe Oullette should make this a promotion during every Bucks game. Sure, the price tag might be a little steep — it'll cost several thousand dollars to repair the glass — but think of all the fans who would love a face-to-face encounter with a real deer while watching their favorite team.

    Milwaukee fans are already super excited about how their team broke through this year, and they love how the Bucks pound the glass. I'm sure they'd be pretty happy to really embrace the spirit of "Fear the Deer.",238354

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    Default Re: Video: Fear the Deer is no longer just a motto

    How ironic was that? Crazy story.
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    Default Re: Video: Fear the Deer is no longer just a motto

    They were talking about that on First Take yesterday and how the Bucks FO wanted to turn this into a marketing gimmick of sorts.

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