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Thread: a minor trade idea- Chris Mihm for Scot Pollard & a pick

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    Default a minor trade idea- Chris Mihm for Scot Pollard & a pick

    Mihm is the best available center. He is a somewhat slow but effective half-court low post guy who can board, defend, and block shots.

    He is a restricted free agent whom the Celtics may not want to resign due to committments to Blount, LaFrentz, Kendrick Perkins, and a focus on the running game and transition basketball, which is not something suited to Mihm's game.

    Might Pollard benefit from a more full-court attack? I'm not sure, but he would seem to be a better fit in Boston than Mihm, and Mihm a better fit in Indiana than Boston.

    Boston doesn't want to play Mihm 5 million, so they probably would not want to have to pay the older Pollard 5 million, so you would have to add in at least a future 1st rounder to entice them.

    I'd do that. Maybe the Celtics would too, if they don't think that Scot is washed up.
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    Default Re: a minor trade idea- Chris Mihm for Scot Pollard & a pick

    Austin for Mihm and an ending contract?

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    Default Re: a minor trade idea- Chris Mihm for Scot Pollard & a pick

    Mihm makes dumb fouls/plays, I don't want him. I've seen enough of him against Boston this year. I was always glad when he'd come into a game because I knew it would be a cinch to go inside against him.

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    Default Re: a minor trade idea- Chris Mihm for Scot Pollard & a pick

    Living in Boston you'd have a better idea if Boston would do this, but if they don't want to pay Mihm 5 million, why would they want to give it to Pollard?

    Then again, I think Danny Ainge is the worst GM in the NBA so who knows.
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    Default Not to hijack your thread.....

    but one thought I had, and it 's probably too radical for most on here involves the Cavs, since you're speaking of Pollard and a pick.

    Cavs management has become disillusioned with Dasagna Diop. 7'0...300 pounds, shot blocker...but he is still a bit of a project.

    That being said, I tend not to play around with REALGM, but a trade thought popped into my head and I went over there to check it and it came up accepted first try:

    Dujaun Wagner &
    Dasagna Diop

    for Scot Pollard &
    Fred Jones

    I know there are a legion of Freddie Jones worshipers (I don't get it.) and it leaves Foster as the only veteran guy to man the paint, but long term and within a 2-3 year window, I think that could be a great move. I think Diop will develop into a strong inside presence, despite his uneven play to date.

    I remember Larry Brown being pretty fond of Wagner and I think it's a bit valid to draw shooting PG comparisions to Iverson of old.

    With the scorers on the Cavs, I can see a real use for Jones defensively, and they get a veteran in Pollard to help anchor a young team.

    We get a poetential Vinnie Johnson type scorer who I think he could be better suited for backup-backup PG than Jones. (Or Ediie Gill. Eddie Gill? Greeeaaaatt....ed

    Just a though I've had for about a week now.

    I don't think it's a radical idea in terms of disturbing our roster.

    What would you guys think of such a scenario?

    (And Fred zombies need not apply. Hey! I know it's summer and slow, so I thought I'd thow this out there.)
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    Default Re: a minor trade idea- Chris Mihm for Scot Pollard & a pick

    I've liked Mihm since his days at Texas. It's nice to see him finally becoming a contributor as a pro.

    That said, he's not worth a multi-year contract at the MLE. He'll contribute more than Pollard, and it'd sure be nice to have a high-post center again, but with Shaq in the East, I'd rather have Scot to bang with him, than overpay for Chris.

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    Default Re: a minor trade idea- Chris Mihm for Scot Pollard & a pick

    NO. Mihm is AWFUL. I'd much rather keep Scot.

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