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Thread: Brett Favre Soap Opera Thread

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    How the Brett Favre scandal derailed Jenn Sterger's dream

    Last Updated: 9:58 AM, April 10, 2011

    Posted: 1:06 AM, April 10, 2011

    Comments: 27 More Print EXCLUSIVE
    "I'm going back to the hotel . . . to just chill . . . I wanted to have you come over tonight. Send me a text, I'd love to see you tonight," the married Favre said in a voice mail.

    After Sterger declined to be set up on a date with Favre, she allegedly received photos of his penis.

    Deadspin said it had obtained the materials from a third party.

    Reese said he was informed of the story the night before it went live.

    "I knew it was going to be an absolute disaster for everyone involved," he said.

    His advice to his client: Cooperate with the NFL investigation, and keep your lips sealed to the press. She did exactly that.

    "Everyone said Jenn was in it for the exposure and the money," Reese said. "I thought, if she doesn't do any interviews and take any undignified deals, she can't be viewed like that."

    Reese said he and Sterger together turned down $300,000 worth of offers.

    "Someone who worked with a bunch of Tiger Woods mistresses wanted to do a collaboration on paid opportunities for interviews," Reese said. "Someone else wanted Jenn to host an event with a porn star."

    That same month, Sterger lost her job at Versus, purportedly because of "anemic" ratings.

    Favre was fined $50,000 for failing to cooperate with the NFL probe, but the league said it could not determine that he violated its conduct policy.

    "An NFL star player was given preferential treatment," said Sterger's lawyer, Joseph Conway. "[The] decision is an affront to all females and shows once again that, despite tough talk, the NFL remains the good-old-boys league."

    Sterger and Reese formed their own firm, Game of Inches LLC, court papers say, and started work on a tell-all book, as well as a reality-TV show.

    "I was in talks with a production company to do a pilot, and I found funding," Reese said.

    But the plans fell through when Sterger abruptly sev ered ties with Reese last month and began talking with the Susan Blond p.r. firm, which reps Naomi Campbell and Sandra Lee.

    She sued Reese in Florida's Hillsborough Country Circuit Court for the return of materials for the tell-all. She charged in papers that Reese was "attempting to capitalize personally on the Favre story."

    Sterger no longer wants to write the book, according to the suit.

    She now lives in Brooklyn and has been looking for work for months.

    This week, Sterger is set to spill her side of the story for the first time -- but the interview comes with strings attached.

    She has taped a two-part sitdown with "Good Morning America," set to air Tuesday and Wednesday. In exchange, the network agreed to hook Sterger up with a TV job, sources told The Post.

    A spokesman for ABC denied Sterger was offered any job for her story.

    Sterger declined multiple interview requests.

    Reese said he wouldn't comment on the claims in the lawsuit or his messy break-up with Sterger.

    "I wish her all the best in her future endeavors," he said.

    Read more:

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    There's a wacky rumor that Grandpa Favre may join the Eagles


    Glazer: Eagles say there’s no interest in Favre
    Posted by Mike Florio on July 24, 2011, 12:57 PM EDT

    Getty ImagesLast night, Howard Eskin of WIP laid the foundation for the Fourth Annual Brett Favre Unretirement, reporting that the Eagles possibly would sign the 41-year-old to back up Mike Vick.

    Today, Vick said he’s fine with that possibility.

    Most recently, Jay Glazer of FOX has reported, citing two unnamed Eagles sources, that the Eagles aren’t interested in Favre. Glazer’s precise words were “emphatic no.”

    That said, it’s never all that clear when the Eagles are or aren’t telling the truth, either on or off the record. In this case, they could be trying to preserve Kevin Kolb’s trade value by perpetuating the notion that they will keep him if they can’t get what they want for him. If the Cardinals (or whoever) believe that the Eagles already have decided to move on from Kolb to the point that they’ve lined up a graybearded replacement, then it could be harder for the Eagles to get what they want from the Cardinals, as Marvin Hamlisch’s famous tune plays in the background.

    This doesn’t mean we are disputing the accuracy of Glazer’s report. We believe that two unnamed Eagles sources told him that they’re not interested in Favre. We just don’t believe anything the Eagles say when it comes to possible personnel moves.

    We used to, before coach Andy Reid said quarterback Donovan McNabb would be the starter in 2010. And before Reid said Kolb would remain the starter after being cleared to return from a Week One concussion in 2010. And before Reid said the defensive coordinator Sean McDermott would return for 2011.

    Wait, we’d already decided not to believe the Eagles before the McDermott thing.

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    Default Re: Brett Favre Soap Opera Thread

    For god's sakes, if the press doesn't talk about him, he might just STAY retired!

    "Nobody wants to play against Tyler Hansbrough NO BODY!" ~ Frank Vogel

    "And David put his hand in the bag and took out a stone and slung it. And it struck the Philistine on the head and he fell to the ground. Amen. "

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    Default Re: Brett Favre Soap Opera Thread

    As an Eagles fan, I saw this and just thought wtf? Doesn't even make sense. Unless Reid feels sorry for Farve or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilive4sports View Post
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    As an Eagles fan, I saw this and just thought wtf? Doesn't even make sense. Unless Reid feels sorry for Farve or something.

    Or he knows with the way Vick plays he may not last an entire season.

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