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Thread: Brett Favre Soap Opera Thread

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    Default Brett Favre Soap Opera Thread

    Its that time of year again
    Favre tells ESPN he needs surgery to play

    (AP) – 1 hour ago

    EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — Once again, Brett Favre says he isn't sure what he wants to do.

    The 40-year-old quarterback told ESPN that he needs surgery on his left ankle in order to play this season for the Minnesota Vikings. In an e-mail posted to on Friday, Favre said he's deciding whether to have the procedure or finally retire after 19 seasons.

    Currently holding all the NFL's major career passing records, Favre will turn 41 in October. He told ESPN the injury that hobbled him three months ago in the NFC championship game still causes swelling and pain, and said orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews told him an operation is unavoidable if he wants to keep playing.

    "This decision would be easy if not for my teammates and the fans and the entire Vikings staff," Favre said in the e-mail. "One year truly felt like 10 — much like Green Bay for many years. That's what I was missing in my heart I suppose, a sense of belonging."

    According to ESPN, Favre didn't specify the diagnosis or elaborate on a timetable for recovery from such a surgery.

    Favre's agent Bus Cook didn't immediately return messages left by The Associated Press. Vikings officials, including coach Brad Childress, were not available before a Friday afternoon rookie minicamp.

    Favre was a mainstay with the Green Bay Packers before waffling on his playing status and departing in an ugly divorce that got him traded to the New York Jets. After a so-so season in New York, he announced his retirement in early 2009 for the second time, then reconsidered and signed with the Vikings.

    Favre beat the Packers twice, and he was heartily booed in his appearance at Lambeau Field. With or without Favre, Green Bay should give the two-time defending NFC North champion Minnesota stiff competition for the division title next season.

    "Somebody tell Brett to have that surgery so I can make up for last year!!!" Packers linebacker Nick Barnett posted on Twitter.

    He enjoyed one of the best seasons of his storied career, throwing for 33 touchdowns and only seven interceptions and guiding the Vikings to a 12-4 record. They finished just short of the Super Bowl, falling in overtime to New Orleans after an ill-advised pass by Favre was picked off by the Saints to stop a promising fourth-quarter drive.

    Now Favre and the Vikings are back in the same place as last year.

    The quandary then was whether he wanted to have surgery to repair a partially torn biceps tendon in his right shoulder, a decision he made and didn't regret. That surgery was with Andrews, the noted physician who works in Alabama and Florida.

    Favre worked out last summer at the local high school in his Mississippi hometown, and video clips of him firing passes in a cap and a cutoff T-shirt to teenage wide receivers became must-see TV as intrigue about his intention increased.

    His arm took a while to feel strong and it still took some persuasion from Childress, but three weeks into training camp Favre arrived and quickly ingratiated himself into the locker room and the fan base.

    Favre is under contract for $13 million this season, but that's only if he plays. The Vikings hope he does, with unproven options in Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels on the roster behind him. They declined to take a quarterback in the NFL draft last weekend.

    Childress and the players have repeatedly said they're fine with Favre taking his time to recuperate, refocus and recommit to playing, even if that means again skipping the grind of training camp.

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    Default Re: Brett Favre Soap Opera Thread

    Bizarre allegations against Favre could complicate his decision
    Posted by Mike Florio on August 4, 2010 2:27 PM ET
    On Monday, Vikings players began to receive text messages from quarterback Brett Favre regarding his intent to retire.

    As it turns out, the messages they received could have been a lot worse.

    The folks at Deadspin report that Jenn Sterger, who worked in 2008 as an in-house sideline reporter for the Jets and who currently is a member of the cast of The Daily Line on Versus, claims that she received text messages from a certain Brett Lorenzo Favre featuring pictures of, um, Little Lorenzo.

    It's not the first time we've heard a story like this, thanks to Sean Salisbury. But Salisbury was largely irrelevant at the time. As to Favre, this disclosure possibly could influence his decision regarding whether or not he'll play in 2010.

    Though there's no evidence that Favre was engaged in the kind of sordid escapades that brought down Tiger Woods' marriage, forced him to cough up $750 million to his ex-wife, and wreaked enough havoc on his life to render him a near-mortal on the golf course, Woods' misadventures began with a story in the National Enquirer, which was the catalyst for the Thanksgiving night 9-iron to the Escalade, which got the whole thing rolling.

    In this case, Favre will surely deny texting improper pictures to a former coworker, just as he has denied texting his intentions to retire to current coworkers. Heck, there's a chance that no one in the media will be able to muster the nerve to even ask him about these new claims.

    But there's someone who will ask Brett a question or two about it. She may ask him many questions or two about it. Favre's wife will want to know chapter-and-verse details about what he did or didn't say and what he texted or didn't text and who in the hell else he may have been involved with in this or other ways.

    There's even a chance that Mrs. Favre will contact Ms. Sterger and request the opportunity to personally peruse the pictures.

    The extent to which Favre withstands that barrage could go a long way toward determining whether the Favre family will decide that another season of football is in their best interests. It's possible that Favre in the end will decide that he needs to spend the next five months, and maybe longer, out of the spotlight.

    Then there's the question of whether the Deadspin story will trigger a Tiger-style parade of other Jenn Stergers, making similar allegations or worse. Regardless of whether anyone else is out there, the TMZs of the world surely are already looking for them.

    And so, in the end, Favre's career possibly could be derailed not by his biceps tendon or his ankle or any other part of his body -- except for one of the body parts that he never has used on the football field.

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    Favre flying back to Minnesota
    Senior NFL Writer Jay Glazer is one of the NFL's top insiders. He provides breaking news, columns and video content to, and he also appears on TV every week as part of the FOX NFL Sunday team. Visit Jay's Training Camp Party for Glaze Across America video and reports.

    PRINT RSS 31 comments »Updated Aug 17, 2010 3:27 PM ET
    The on-again, off-again drama that is Brett Favre now appears to be on again. A trio of Vikings teammates including Pro Bowl guard Steve Hutchinson, defensive end Jared Allen and kicker Ryan Longwell flew to Hattiesburg, Miss. to push Favre to give them one more season.

    Is Brett Favre back?
    Two weeks after Brett Favre apparently told his Vikings teammates he will not return for the 2010 season, he told them a different story. Check out our full coverage.
    Favre flying to Minny with teammates
    Hench: Favre more cruel than LeBron
    Marvez: Favre saga winners, losers
    Video: Favre's comings and goings
    Kriegel: Favre is marring his legacy
    Video: Childress, Rosenfels react
    Czar: Packers skeptical about news
    Teammate: Favre talked retirement
    Video: Favre news fantasy impact

    Favre informed the trio Tuesday that he is, in fact, back in and will rejoin the Vikings, has learned.

    In addition, Favre is on the plane with the players and is heading back to Minneapolis. However, while signs point to Favre coming back, neither he nor his agent have informed the team that he’s returning. And with Favre, another change of heart is certainly not out of the question.

    Favre's official Web site e-mailed members of the media with the message: "Stay tuned for breaking news from the Minnesota Vikings today on Brett Favre's possible return."

    This latest decision is a complete switch from two weeks ago, when Favre informed teammates that he was retiring -- citing wear and tear on his body -- in text messages seen by The team however, immediately responded by offering Favre more money, and teammates reached out imploring the quarterback to reconsider or to take more time.

    Although Favre has frequently gone back and forth, it was widely assumed, in the end, that he would rejoin the Vikings. That belief was reinforced on Aug. 12 when the 11-time Pro Bowler and three-time All Pro traveled from Hattiesburg to Pensacola, Fla. to have his surgically repaired left ankle examined by Dr. James Andrews.

    Tuesday’s morning meeting with Hutchinson, Allen and Longwell appears to have served its purpose. Favre, who led the Vikings to a 12-4 regular-season finish and the NFC title game last season, now appears fully prepared to play a 20th NFL season.

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    Default Re: Brett Favre Soap Opera Thread

    I sure hope this is resolved before my fantasy league draft day next Sunday.

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    Steve Hutchinson tells the story of the Favre recruiting trip
    By MJD
    As you may have heard, three Vikings players took a trip down to Hattiesburg, Mississippi yesterday to see Brett Favre(notes). But what was their mission? To beg? To issue an ultimatum? To offer chauffer services? Steve Hutchinson explained on the NFL Network.

    According to Hutchinson, the Vikings asked him, Allen and Longwell to visit Favre in Mississippi and either bring him back or wish him well in retirement. The trio arrived at Favre's house too late Monday to have a conversation and stayed overnight on the premises. In the morning, Hutchinson said, Favre took everyone on a tour of his property, then the subject of his possible return or retirement was broached.

    "We told him how much all the guys loved playing with him and that we would love to do it again," Hutchinson told Eisen. "We also told him that if he didn't want to do it, then congratulations, you deserve it. You've had an incredible career, but we've got to know one way or another."

    Hutchinson said Favre then did most of the talking, leaving the seven-time Pro Bowl guard with the impression that the quarterback had pondered his decision for several weeks, if not months. Over the course of two to three hours, broken up over two chats, Favre told Hutchinson, Allen and Longwell how much he loved playing with them and the other Vikings last season and also raved about the "special bond" they instantly formed.

    At that point, according to Hutchinson, Favre matter-of-factly said, "OK, let's do it."

    Judging from the first sentence there, it sounds like it was an ultimatum. Decide right now, or we're moving on without you. That seems like a pretty clear indication that the Vikings organization was getting a little frustrated with Favre's indecisiveness.

    Also interesting? The health of his ankle might not have been the major issue for Favre.

    Surprisingly, Hutchinson said Favre spoke little about his surgically repaired left ankle and instead focused more on personal reasons about whether or not to play.

    So that's how it all went down, according to Hutchinson. As it turned out, all Favre needed was a deadline. All he needed was a reminder that his decision affected other people, not just himself.

    If you're a Vikings fan or a Favre fan, how does that make you feel? If you're upset, you wouldn't be alone. Rod Woodson says he's lost respect for Favre. I'd be in the same boat, if I hadn't lost it a long, long time ago.

    At any rate, I'm just glad it's all (almost) over. An official announcement is supposed to be coming later today.

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    NBC is really milking this... can't blame them outside of football they have nothing else worthwhile on their network

    Al Michaels will interview Brett Favre on Sunday night
    Posted by Mike Florio on August 19, 2010 1:44 PM ET
    It's likely that Vikings quarterback Brett Favre will play on Sunday night, when the Vikings travel to San Francisco to play the 49ers.

    It's even more likely that he'll talk (some more), via an interview with NBC's Al Michaels.

    The interview will air at halftime of the Vikings-49ers game.

    Tune in, if for no reason other than to see whether Brett calls Al "Mike".

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    Default Re: Brett Favre Soap Opera Thread

    There's a rumor that Deadspin is about to blow the cover on a Favre sex scandal

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    Default Re: Brett Favre Soap Opera Thread

    I think this is it not really sure it will go anywhere though

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    Default Re: Brett Favre Soap Opera Thread

    This might end up being Tiger-esque

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    Default Re: Brett Favre Soap Opera Thread

    Even Favre's CELL PHONE CALLS get intercepted...

    The poster "pacertom" since this forum began (and before!). I changed my name here to "Slick Pinkham" in honor of the imaginary player That Bobby "Slick" Leonard picked late in the 1971 ABA draft (true story!).

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    Default Re: Brett Favre Soap Opera Thread

    He just wanted to show them his wrangler jeans.

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    She'll cooperate with this investigation

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    According to, the pictures and voicemails that Vikings quarterback Brett Favre sent to Jenn Sterger were purchased by Deadspin for $75,000.

    Deadspin Editor in Chief A.J. Daulerio went on the record by saying that “He paid more for this than he’s ever paid for anything before.”

    Owens makes a good point that the $75,000 basically went for the voicemails which are clearly Favre’s voice where as the pictures only show a mans manhood and they could in fact be anybody’s.

    It seems like a steep price to pay for some man member pictures and a few voicemails, but then again, it is Brett Favre, allegedly.

    With these pictures and voicemails being released, you have to wonder if Favre is really wondering if he should have just stayed retired this season.

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    Default Re: Brett Favre Soap Opera Thread

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    She's backed out of a Big 10 party she was to host in Chicago

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    Gloria Allred has weighed in

    Jenn Sterger could take money from Brett Favre to keep quiet, attorney Gloria Allred says

    BY Michael O'Keeffe

    Tuesday, October 12th 2010, 4:00 AM
    Jenn Sterger is entitled to negotiate a settlement with Brett Favre where the quarterback would pay the sexy TV host to keep quiet about his allege harassment.
    Antonelli/News; Al Pereia
    Jenn Sterger is entitled to negotiate a settlement with Brett Favre where the quarterback would pay the sexy TV host to keep quiet about his allege harassment.
    Take our Poll
    Jets 2010 Week 5: Brett Favre

    Nope, it's not a typo. How would you rate Brett Favre's performance in his return to the Meadowlands?
    Related News

    * Myers: As usual, Favre doesn't get message
    * Myers: Jets lucky to be clear of Brett mess
    * Jenn Sterger mum on Favre - for now
    * Raissman: Pregame shows will give Favre a pass
    * Sunday Morning QB: Favre gets scandal for B-day
    * NFL wants a look at Favre X-rated pix

    The sexy TV personality who allegedly received X-rated crotch shots from Brett Favre is under no obligation to talk to NFL investigators - and, according to attorney Gloria Allred, she could even agree to a deal with the legendary quarterback to keep her mouth shut.

    Attorneys who believe their clients have legitimate harassment complaints can negotiate settlements that include confidentiality clauses, Allred told the Daily News Monday.

    "Parties often agree to confidential settlements rather than have one party pursue litigation," said Allred, who represented Tiger Woods' mistresses Rachel Uchitel, who is reported to have received a settlement from Woods prior to canceling a news conference, and porn actress Joslyn James. "If there's no legal merit to the claim, that's a different situation."

    Sterger has not ruled out cooperating with the NFL's probe but she has also not yet agreed to talk to the league's investigators, according to a source familiar with the NFL inquiry. Sterger's manager, Phil Reese, declined comment Monday when asked if she has retained counsel.

    "We're looking at all our options right now and our only concern is what's in Jenn's best interest," Reese said in an email to the News.

    Unlike prosecutors, NFL investigators cannot issue subpoenas requiring Sterger to talk about the photos and voicemails Favre allegedly sent in a clumsy attempt to woo Sterger, who is now a host of "The Daily Line" on Versus.

    "She has no legal duty to speak to the NFL," Allred said. "The only way you can compel somebody to answer questions is with a subpoena."

    A.J. Daulerio, the Deadspin editor who posted on his website what he says are pictures of Favre's private parts last week, says he's heard from Sterger's friends that the former Jets game-day hostess has been getting pressure to not speak to the NFL gumshoes.

    "She doesn't want to be known as the person who ruined the public perception of this guy," said Daulerio, who has not spoken directly with Sterger.

    Deadspin posted three pictures of private parts it says the Minnesota Vikings quarterback sent to Sterger in 2008, when Favre was with the Jets and Sterger was the game-day hostess.

    Daulerio also posted voicemails he says that Favre, a 41-year-old grandfather, left on Sterger's phone in a attempt to hook up with the 26-year-old model, actress and TV host.

    Two other women - massage therapists who also worked for the Jets in 2008 - have said Favre sent them unwelcome texts, phone calls and emails.

    Daulerio said Sterger did not supply the photos and voicemails. The website purchased them from a third party he refused to identify
    Read more:

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    Default Re: Brett Favre Soap Opera Thread

    Imagine that, Gloria Allred looking for money. What a surprise.

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    Default Re: Brett Favre Soap Opera Thread

    The jokes write themselves

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    Mike Ditka says he has 'zero sympathy' for Jenn Sterger

    October 14, 2010
    Mike Ditka is never one to mince words, and he didn't when asked about the Brett Favre-Jenn Sterger situation by Dan Le Batard on ESPN Radio in Miami.

    Ditka said he has "no sympathy" for Sterger and questions the timing of the racy text messages and photos that were released on the website

    » Click to enlarge image

    Mike Ditka said he has "zero sympathy" for Jenn Sterger after the allegations that she received racy messages and pictures from Brett Favre.

    "I'm not going to be as sympathetic to the woman as a lot of people are," Ditka said. "It's two years after the fact. Cut it out, you know? If you had a problem, you could have said it back then."

    It should be noted that Deadspin has always claimed they did not receive the messages from Sterger, but instead from a third party.

    "You don't have to pull it up when when you're going to have a spread in Playboy or you're going to have a Monday night game coming up," he said. "I'm old-fashioned."

    To which Le Batard said: "So, no sympathy?"

    "None. Zero. Absolutely zero," Ditka responded. "Now, you'll get some calls about that, but frankly I could care less."

    Le Batard: "But it is sexual harassment, Mike."

    "I don't know about that," Ditka said. "If it's sexual harassment, if it's not reported until two years after the fact. I really don't, I'll be honest with you."

    After ending the interview with Ditka, Le Batard said: "I think he just got himself in trouble."

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    Jimmy Johnson: Favre's a 'drama queen'
    Listen to what Jimmy Johnson said about Favre.
    Listen to what Jimmy Johnson said about Favre.
    FOX Sports
    NFL on FOX
    Updated Oct 15, 2010 1:34 AM ET

    Brett Favre's act is getting old.

    Jenn Sterger
    Scandal Central

    Want more details about the Brett Favre-Jenn Sterger saga? We've got it all here.


    * Goodell weighs in on Favre situation
    * Sterger seeks 'proper resolution'
    * Lowry: MNF crew dropped the ball
    * Kriegel: Favre's finished, on and off field
    * Check out Jenn Sterger's sexy pics

    That's what FOX NFL Sunday analyst Jimmy Johnson told FOX Sports Radio's Mike North.

    “Would you agree with me on this, that he is a drama queen? He’s a drama queen that’s 41 years old, and while some of his ailments are real, and he’s got some problems, there’s no doubt about that," Johnson said. "But he loves to play it up, he loves the spotlight. And the guy can still do it. And I’ve always said this — it’s not how many great plays you make that make you successful, it’s how few bad plays. And it’s getting to where his bad plays are about equal or more to his good plays."

    The Minnesota Vikings quarterback is battling tendinitis in his throwing elbow while also being investigated by the NFL for allegedly sending inappropriate picture and voice messages to then-New York Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger when he played for the Jets in 2008.

    Favre and his 1-3 Vikings have disappointed so far and are in a much-anticipated battle with the 1-3 Dallas Cowboys on Sunday (4:15 p.m. ET on FOX) in America's Game of the Week. Both teams entered the season as Super Bowl favorites and are fighting to get back into contention.

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    Default Re: Brett Favre Soap Opera Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Basketball Fan View Post
    This quote is hidden because you are ignoring this member. Show Quote
    "Couldn't care less"....

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    Deanna Favre to Appear on 'Good Morning America' Thursday

    * 6Comments
    * Say Something »

    10/20/2010 11:54 AM ET By FanHouse Staff
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    o FanHouse Staff

    Deanna Favre's specter has hovered over the Brett Favre-Jenn Sterger scandal since it began. She's been a public figure in the past, an activist for breast cancer awareness and author, but hasn't been heard from since Deadspin's report of Favre's alleged improprieties surfaced.

    That will likely soon change, as she's scheduled to appear on "Good Morning America," the ABC morning show, Thursday to promote her newest book, "The Cure for the Chronic Life: Overcoming the Hopelessness That Holds You Back."

    It's unknown whether she will discuss the scandal involving her husband or if the subject will even be approached by the show's hosts, but she has been open in the past about Favre's history of alcohol and prescription drug abuse.

    The timing of the book and appearance also coincide with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Deanna Favre was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 but completed treatment and is expected to see a full and complete recovery. She heads up the Deanna Favre Hope Foundation.

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    Jenn Sterger hires lawyer

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    * Comments368 news services
    Favre Meets With NFL
    NFL Security VP Milt Ahlerich meets with Brett FavreTags: NFL, Fantasy NFL, Minnesota Vikings, Brett Favre

    Learn More » Report a bug » Feedback »
    Favre Meets With NFL

    NEW YORK -- The ex-New York Jets sideline host involved in the allegation against Brett Favre has hired a lawyer.

    NFC North blog

    Seifert's Kevin Seifert writes about all things NFC North in his division blog.

    • Blog network: NFL Nation

    Former Jets game emcee Jenn Sterger has hired the Long Island-based law firm of LaRusso and Conway to advise her throughout the process. Sterger's manager Phil Reese says Wednesday the decision was made "after much deliberation."

    Lawyer Joseph Conway said Wednesday his firm will advise Sterger "and pursue any potential remedies that may exist." Conway declined to comment further.

    Favre spoke with an NFL security official Tuesday about graphic photos and inviting messages he allegedly sent to Sterger two years ago when they were both with the Jets.

    Sterger has not commented on the website Deadspin's report.

    NFL vice president for security Milt Ahlerich will create a report from the interview with Favre, and that material will be reviewed by other league officials involved in this investigation, league sources told ESPN's Ed Werder. Based on that review, they will determine whether others should be interviewed and renew efforts to convince Sterger and two Jets team massage therapists to speak.

    To date, Ahlerich and his security department have had no success in attempts to interview Sterger. Without Sterger's cooperation the investigation could hit a dead end as early as this week, sources told ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen on Sunday.

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    Default Re: Brett Favre Soap Opera Thread

    All I saw during that Ditka posts was the hot girl freeze framed in the youtube was like, words, words, words...BOOBS!


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