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    Where are our anglers? Here's a pic of a channel cat I caught in the retention pond behind my house today. He was 22.5 inches and weighed just under 5 pounds. I took a few hot dogs and cut them into bite sized pieces. Then I put them in a small plastic container with a lid and sprinkled them with a generous amount of garlic salt, put the lid on and shook it to coat them evenly. Then I left it all out in the sun for a few days last week when it was really hot to get 'em nice and stinky. I used a bobber and put the hot dog pieces on a treble hook. The rig he's laying next to is my trusty 14 year old Quantum Baitcaster that I usually use for bass and fishing from a boat, but it's fine for bobber fishing too. My neighbor and I sat out and fished for about 4 hours and caught several that were this size and he caught one that was a bit larger at 7 pounds. As channel cats go these aren't all that special, but I thought for a tiny retention pond that you can practically spit across, he wasn't half bad. I only took pics of this one because I have a know-it-all neighbor who claims at every HOA meeting that NONE of our ponds have ANY fish. How about it folks, what do ya fish for, how do ya do it, and where do ya do it?

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    I have to admit that I had tried fishing for many years unsuccessfully until last year when I went fishing with my neighbor who is an excellent fisherman. We took his bass boat out and we mainly fish for crappie and bluegill, they seem to cook up the best. With a few pointers from my neighbor I was actually catching fish in about five minutes.

    I have to give all of the credit to him though. He cleans them fish as soon as he gets home and makes his own special blend batter. He makes the best fish I have tasted in a while. We have a pretty simbiotic relationship where he feeds me fish and I help him work on his cars.

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