Considering that even if the Pacers wanted to gut the payroll they couldn't do it until 2011, and that if they simply let all the deals expire and bring in vet-minimum players to team with Danny and the "young guys" (whose contracts also will be running out a year later and who might very well have something to say at FA time about being handed teammates who clearly are only there for profit and not winning), it isn't very constructive to talk about that as a solution for the problem right now.

For any business, if your facilities costs are this large a portion of your costs - I'd guess 18% which is huge considering the bloated portion of the budget taken up by player salaries in the NBA - you HAVE to look at those costs and do what you can to reduce them. You don't just say, "oh, well, those are costs every business has, guess we look somewhere else." You also look at what comparable businesses are doing (like the Colts and the LOS deal) and try for the same thing.