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Thread: Starting line up if ...

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    Default Starting line up if ...

    JO doesn't come back 100% at the start of next season?

    Yeah, I know long way away. But what would the line-up be without JO?


    Or does Carlisle go very small and go Tins, Reggie, Artest, S-Jax, Jeff?

    Here's hoping that it doesn't come to that.

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    Default Re: Starting line up if ...

    The way you listed it, you seem to suggest starting Jackson at power forward in JO's absense? Are you insane?

    If JO can't start the year, I imagine either Cro or JB would start. Probably Cro.

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    Default Re: Starting line up if ...

    Ronnie could play PF in a pinch. Who's going to post him? And his quickness would brutalize somebody.
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