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    Default Coming to Indy

    for a conference and want to hang out somewhere where I won't feel pressured to drink and won't feel out of place if I'm flying solo.


    also, staying downtown. clubs there within walking distance in case I care to drink?
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    Default Re: Coming to Indy

    What kind of club are you looking for? There are plenty of places to walk to. I don't drink anymore, but I was more of a "Pub Guy" than a "Club Guy". If you need to know where to get the best microbrews, I'm your man. When are you coming? The Indy Indians home opener is next weekend, the Civil War Monument is pretty cool, There's an IMAX theatre and a few cool museums downtown also.

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    Default Re: Coming to Indy

    Canal, walk to north end. There's a converted church with 2 restaurants. Creation Cafe is on the lower level, you sit on the porch area and have a mild drink, enjoy the weather and the view which is the best one you'll find. If it's nice out you can't do much better.

    At night, I think Slippery Noodle is your best bet for "just hanging by myself" because you have something to do as you sit - watch live music. And it's right by the downtown hotels, 2-3 block walk typically.

    If you want bar drinking then I'd go to McNivens on Mass Ave, that's about 8 blocks from Illinois/Washington intersection or a $5 cab ride (basically 3 meter clicks or something). It's a Scotch theme where you can have all sorts of Scotch (natch) and enjoy food like Scotch eggs, etc.

    Chatam Tap is a bit farther down on Mass Ave and is a good place if you like soccer and a more British themed pub. It can be pretty busy, but it's hangout rather than a pickup joint.

    Rathskeller is also on Mass Ave and a good time in the summer for outdoor live music in the back patio area. Probably not as low key as Slippery Noodle, might feel a bit more odd to be hanging there by yourself. But it's a party without being a pickup place or a club. Just festive.

    I live downtown, these are all safe areas and while I might not want my wife walking around alone at midnight, I'd feel safe myself or if she was with me. The walk to Mass Ave has 4-5 "nothing here" blocks between the hotels and there, but once you get there you have a nice amount of mild activity that's generally more interesting than the offerings over by the hotels.

    Downtown Indy is pleasant and simple.

    BTW, there is a Jillians downtown, totally forgot. So that gives you something to do as you hang out, always good when you are on your own. Vid games, bowling, pool if you aren't familiar with the chain. That's Meridian and Georgia I believe.
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    Default Re: Coming to Indy

    We went to Scotty's and the Slippery Noodle with iPacer. He didn't try to rape anything, which was good.
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