While watching the news (WTHR NBC-Indpls) there was a segment about an update on the Stadium Issue. The Capital Improvment board had requested plans for a new stadium and expansion of the convention center from 4 architechtural firms.

The CIB required that the stadium:
1. to be built on the land south of the current RCA Dome.
2. be attached in some form to the convention center.
3. have a capacity of 70,000
4. have a retractable roof.

The estimated price of the project for both converting the current dome to convention space and a new stadium was estimated at $450 million dollars. Depending on financing...groundbreaking could occur as soon as next fall!

This news story was run at 10pm on the early newscast for Fox-59 and once again at 11pm durring the regular news cast. The story has not been updated to their website as of 12:30am Friday!