Hey guys can anyone please help me. I am a Pacer fan located in canada(i am actually a filipino immigrant) and i have always wanted to buy a danny granger and reggie miller jersey at pacersgear.com, but they charge 40 dollars standard shipping and if i want to buy two jerseys they will add 13.95 which is really outrageous considering i have bought heavier items like shoes, etc from the US before that costs me around 25-30 dollars. They also told me that they use fedex, which will be a more problem to me because when they come here they'll charge me more for tax, brokerage fee, etc. which has been a big problem for canadians buying items in the us that were shipped by fedex and UPS.

I am looking for 90's flojo, danny granger, hibbert, miller, 90's pacers, etc
I have tried ebay but it is full of fake jerseys coming from china, etc
I am looking for Medium size(44) jerseys made by Adidas or Nike
I can only pay through paypal. thanks a lot