I have read that New Orleans will be in a salary crunch and may have to dump salary. I don't think they would ever trade Chris Paul, but crazy things do happen. What if they dump elsewhere and then rebuild around him? Would Okafor be a good PF next to Hibbert? He may not give us the scoring that Murphy does, but he's at least as good a rebounder if not better, and much better defensively. To take on his big contract New Orleans will have to offer us a sweetner, which would have to be Darren Collison. So how about a summer trade of Murphy, Ford, and maybe our #1 for Okafor and Collison? I'm not trying to be a homer here, I understand the talent in this trade certainly favors the Pacers, but if cap relief is really important to the Hornets, they can shed nearly $20 million following the season. With cap space, even a little, New Orleans can attract free agents, especially with CP3 there. The Pacers need to use their expiring contracts in trades because it will be much more difficult for us to attract FA's to Indy. The trade probably needs to be tweaked, and I'd like to keep our #1, but what do you folks think. Later, Bingo