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Thread: About FA Market of 2010-2011 - Which are "Batmans" and which are "Robins"?

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    Default About FA Market of 2010-2011 - Which are "Batmans" and which are "Robins"?

    I was thinking about some Article written about Walsh not considering giving Max Contracts to Players like Bosh or Joe Johnson....and this made me think....of the crop of 2010 Free Agents that will hit the market....which one would you consider are Franchise Level Players that you build around ( aka "Batman" of Gotham City...or Michael Jordan if you want a clearer NBA analogy ) and which are the Top Tier Free Agent that are better supporting Player ( aka "Robin" of Gotham City or Scottie Pippen to Michael Jordan ).

    IMHO....there are only 3 Franchise Level Players that you build around ( hence deserve a MAX Contract ):

    Kobe ( if he decides to opt out out )

    As for the rest of the FA Market, I think that they are better suited to be the 2nd best Player on the Team to support a Franchise Level Player ( they deserve a huge contract but not a MAX Contract ) but not in any particular order:

    Joe Johnson

    I'm sure that there are more....these were just the ones that popped into my head.

    I'm guessing that the Top Tier Franchise Players like Lebron/Wade/Kobe resign/extend their Contracts with their respective Teams....thus leaving the 2nd Tier Players like Bosh/JJ/Amare/Boozer to be the top signing options for Teams like NY, Chicago and NJ. You have wonder if they are going to be overpaid or not.

    It sounds like DW is may spread out the $$$ spent on Players over the next 2 Offseasons and not overspend on talent in one offseason "just because"....which IMHO would be a smarter thing to do.

    Thoughts anyone?

    BTW.....IMHO...I think that Granger would be a much better "Robin" then a "Batman". The best that I can hope for us in the future is that we acquire another "Robin" Level Player that complements him so that we have 2 top tier Players on the roster.
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