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Thread: Trade with Philly?

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    Default Trade with Philly?

    This is off the Chad Ford Chat on ESPN

    Greg (Denver): Hey Chad, take a question from a lowly Philly fan. Is move #2 coming for Philly soon? Are they seriously talking to the Mavs about Walker, the Warriors about Dampier, and the Pacers about Croshere? Am I missing anything?

    Chad Ford: (1:16 PM ET ) Yes. They are trying to make another deal happen. They've been after Antoine Walker all summer, but the Mavs want them to throw in a good young player like Willie Green in order to make the swap for Robinson.

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    Default One can dream, can't he?

    Hmm...talking about Croshere, huh? With Glen Robinson in the last year of his contract, that might be an attractive deal. You get a motivated Glen and instant offense.

    I've never liked Glen, though. It is interesting.

    I did the typical fanboy thing and checked RealGm to see if a trade was realistic or possible. You know the one that worked on my first try?

    Foster and Croshere for

    Just can't see them going for that.
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