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After watching the finale that's the one part I went back and rewatched. Really classy.

I fully support them ending here. I know people were sick of it, but I really enjoyed the Washington and New York seasons. Being a Vince Flynn fan, I was so excited when they announced Washington, because I knew they could finally do the White House Transfer of Power scenario. And while some of the UN stuff was cheesy, overall they handled it a lot better than I feared. They were just a couple years too late leaving LA.

I also really enjoyed Chloe this year, which is saying something, because *** damn did I hate her when she started. Her shooting Jack as he put the gun to his head, that was awesome, especially considering her first time with a gun.

Lastly, what I really hate about 24 leaving is there's no great action show out there now. Burn Notice is fun, but it's cable show rotation. Human Target is okay, but they can be really cheap a lot of the time.

One show I'm going to keep an eye on the next few weeks is The Good Guys. Yes, it's ridiculously stupid, but I thought it was pretty damn funny in a dumb fun kind of way. It's made by the same people as Burn Notice, and I've heard they want to keep the action quotient high.
I agree with a lot of that.

Was that Chloes first time with a gun?

I do agree with you assessment of her, though. I hated her and hoped they would kill her off when the bomb went off at CTU a few seasons back. I do think she has come a long way, and I loved her character this season (and I thought it was brilliant the writers had her as head of CTU)

As far as the show, I think they left at the right time. I was really getting tired of 24, and to be perfectly honest I was really hating this past season. I did not think the UN part was bad, I just felt like 24 lost the "it" factor that made it so great.

With that said, once they announced the show was wrapping up I thought the really stepped it up a notch. Granted the writers were prepared for this to be the end (they even said they had been having "series finale" talks throughout the summer, so they were not exactly surprised).