Two men could not handle, what is clearly the worst of situations, any better than Galarraga and Joyce did. What gentlemen. I wouldn't have been able to restrain myself as much as Galarraga did, and it takes a big man to admit he made the biggest mistake of his life. Joyce will never be remembered as anything except the guy who robbed another guy (unfortunately I think Galarraga will be the forgotten man, even though he was indeed perfect) of a perfect game. That's it. Put it on his headstone now.

Selig had an absolute easy home run ball teed up for him. He missed it by a mile. His decision is worse than Joyce's call. He actually had time to consider his options, and he struck out. Big time. It was the 27th out. 27 up, 27 down. End of story. Bud Selig is, far and away, the worst commissioner in major professional sports. How that guy has managed to keep his job is beyond me.