I've seen a few Collison rumors out there, but I think the only way Collison is traded is if the Hornets are able to rid themselves of a contract. Either Okafor, or most likely Peja. Okafor still has 4 years left on his deal, while Peja only has one after this year at 13 mil

I think if we end up in the 6-9 range of the lottery, that we should talk to the Hornets. We could offer an expiring contract, as well as offer to trade picks in return you receive Collison, a later lottery pick and either Okafor or Peja.

As of now we are at pick #7 and the Hornets are at #12. So let's say the first trade is for Okafor and Collison plus picks swap.

Pacers trade: #7 pick, Troy Murphy
Pacers receive: #12 pick, Darren Collison and Emeka Okafor

Pacers get a PG for the future, as well a player that can play PF, but has a hefty contract. They still get a lottery pick later in the draft where they can take the best player available. The Pacers also still have expirings of Ford, Dunleavy, Solo and Foster they can work with.

PG: Collison, Ford, Price
SG: Rush, Dahntay, #12
SF: Granger, Dunleavy, #12
PF: Okafor, Hansbrough, McRoberts
C: Hibbert, Foster, Solo

Hornets get out from a big contract in Okafor, while also getting a solid replacement for the year in Murphy who expires while also moving up in the draft where they could draft a replacement center in Aldrich or add another wing like Wes Johnson, Henry's, or Wake Forest's Aminu, whom Paul would probably enjoy. They could also use their 2nd round pick to get another backup PG like Sherron Colllins, or Vasquez.

2nd scenario
Pacers trade: #7, Mike Dunleavy, Jeff Foster
Pacers receive: #12, Darren Collison, Peja Stojakovic

In a more uglier scenario the Pacers take on Peja's extra year to get Collison while also trading down a few draft picks. They lose 2 expiring contracts for 2011 and pick up one that expires in 2012. You still get your PG of the future, and you get an expensive wing who can stretch the floor when healthy and play well for the Pacers when healthy during his short time here. Pacers could perhaps get a center in Aldrich or Whiteside to backup Hibbert, or draft a wing to add depth. Could still go PF as well perhaps? Pacers still have expiring of Ford, Murphy and Solo they can work with.

PG: Collison, Ford, Price
SG: Rush, Dahntay
SF: Granger, Peja, #12
PF: Murphy, Hansbrough, McRoberts
C: Hibbert, Solo, #12

Hornets get out from under Peja's contract finally, while getting 2 expiring contracts, one in a nice vet backup center coming off a successful back surgery who can come off the bench and do dirty. You also get another wing to replace Peja that may have a bounce back year after a year back from a knee surgery. If not they're both expiring at the deadline and they can also draft a wing or backup PF at #7