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    Admins, I have a question about the spam bots that keep joining the board. I look at the "newest member" link at the bottom and 9 times out of 10 it's some type of spam bot. When you look at the user profile it will be full of links to whatever they are trying to spam onto the boards. Does this cause any type of drain on the board? What do you do with these accounts? Is the two post rule still in effect before you can have your account activated to post, and is that what is stopping the spammers? If not what is? I'm not complaining or anything and it doesn't bother me. I just wonder what kind of things you are using to keep them from taking over the board like I have seen happen elsewhere.

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    The first two posts of a new username do not show up to the public unless an admin approves them. This is how we keep out spammers and trolls (though it's almost always the former these days). If we see it's a spam account, we just delete the post and ban the account.

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