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Thread: More Fuel to the Lottery Standings Fire...

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    Default Re: More Fuel to the Lottery Standings Fire...

    This whole argument is getting distorted....

    at the end of the day sometimes you have to go backward to go forward and I WANT TO GO FORWARD, I am not a Poser Fan, I'm a Loyal Fan but at the end of the day I WANT A WINNING TEAM...

    if my job offered me a promotion but it was 100KM away I would not hesistate to move , wait my two years and then move back to where my home was with a better paycheck, more exp and a new role and a chance for a better life...

    I envy the Thunder but would have hated to be a fan when they sucked major but at the end of the day to win you need STAR Power...

    The Nets are a prime example this year, does anyone really believe they are a 10-72 Team, HECK NO, they are not much worse then the Pacs but they played the game, they had a plan for atleast 3-4 years with John Wall and Maybe Bron and to get it, they tanked, it'll never be official but they tanked..

    I don't want to tank but if we are gonna lose, atleast lose bad and often in one year so we get a STAR...

    in some sports there is no draft so sucking has no point but in the NBA and MLB and NFL you get rewarded if you suck enough to get the best chance at the best college player...

    No Nets Fan or Bandwagon Nets fan will care next year how much they sucked this year and even the players won't care when they are close to the playoffs...

    Our Attendance sucks right now, out Salary Cap Sucks right now,our Roster Sucks right now...

    I Love and live for the Pacs but at the end of the day if they are losing, my interest fades, less tickets, less merchandise, less cooler talk.... I focus on other winning teams I follow, I focus on chicks, study, even speeding more... the Pacs are a escape and well who wants to pay much attention to a losing escape after a hard day at work.....

    rant complete...
    Ya Think Ya Used Enough Dynamite there Butch...

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    Default Re: More Fuel to the Lottery Standings Fire...

    Quote Originally Posted by GO!!!!! View Post
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    even speeding more...


    Spending maybe?
    Nuntius was right for a while. I was wrong for a while. But ultimately I was right and Frank Vogel has been let go.


    "A player who makes a team great is more valuable than a great player. Losing yourself in the group, for the good of the group, thatís teamwork."

    -John Wooden

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    Default Re: More Fuel to the Lottery Standings Fire...

    Well I guess roughly 70% of us have no sense and are not real Pacer fans. Dammit, I've wasted a lot of my life, who knew.
    "Just look at the flowers ........ BANG"

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    Default Re: More Fuel to the Lottery Standings Fire...

    Life isn't over without a top 4 pick. Would you prefer one? Of course, but it's not the end of the world. If the Pacers are 7th or 8th in the lottery, that's a valuable trade asset, plus you have expiring contracts that you can add for a team looking to shed salary, or S&T a player without getting nothing in return.

    The Pacers will have plenty of options, including swapping picks with a team that wants to me up. I'm not worried at all. I would like a top 4 pick, but I'm not going to panic if the team doesn't get one

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    Default Re: More Fuel to the Lottery Standings Fire...

    speeding, spending, I like speeding too, as long as I don't get caught because that is bad bad...

    how can one define a real pacer fan... some one who wears a ABA Jacket and is on suicide watch for the last twenty years ?

    because really that could be the reality... a real Pacer Fan in my opinion is a fan that wants his team to win, WIN WIN WIN, Win, wants to watch his team with courtside tickets WIN WIN WIN, Win with Integrity, Style, Class, and Hard Work.... now to get to that position one may need to bend rules, fix the books, use some sly trade work... but everyone does it, The Cavs just did it last month, the Wolves tried it what 6-8 years ago n got busted big time but everyone does what needs to be done to win...

    Just Saying...
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    Default Re: More Fuel to the Lottery Standings Fire...

    Sometimes you have to sacrifice short-term pleasure for long-term bliss.

    1940, 1953, 1976, 1981, & 1987 NCAA CHAMPIONS & 2002 NCAA FINALISTS

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    Default Re: More Fuel to the Lottery Standings Fire...

    Quote Originally Posted by d_c View Post
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    I'm sure Sam Presti has trouble going to sleep at night because he can't live with himself for all the tanking he did. How can he even look at himself in the mirror?

    Aren't you equating rebuilding to tanking? Isn't your theory that when the FO doesn't do everything to put the best possible team in the floor then they're tanking a too broad definition of tanking? Following that reasoning, lots of teams in the league are tanking, even some of those contending for a title.

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    Unhappy Re: More Fuel to the Lottery Standings Fire...

    by the end of the season, we will have locked up a slot in the 10-15 range.

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    Default Re: More Fuel to the Lottery Standings Fire...

    This is an interesting article:

    Yes, Rodney Carney, tanking is quite possible
    By Kelly Dwyer

    Dwyer argues that tanking is possible. Well, of court it is; but he argues it's happening. Then he provides some examples:

    Signing Jared Jeffries(notes) in 2007 or trading the guy in 2010? Which one do they prefer? Because the latter is an example of tanking.
    The Knicks don't have a 1st round pick in the next draft.

    The Timberwolves started tanking 2009-10 back in June.
    Why? Because they've been bad this season? NBA wins/losses are a 0 sum game, some teams will always lose big.

    The 76ers? Probably about a month ago.
    Is their record in the last month much different than what it was the rest of the season? Why one month ago?

    Chicago? Two weeks from now, when they sit Joakim Noah(notes) and Luol Deng(notes) down for good.
    Noah is already playing. The Bulls traded their draft pick for the Bucks in the Salmons trade, why are they tanking?

    The Nets? They could never afford to tank because their bench is too terrible to begin with.
    This contradicts his theory re: the Timberwolves.
    So, yes, Rodney Carney. Teams do tank. They don't lose games on purpose, but when you're bringing Jodie Meeks(notes) in as your first player off the bench instead of Thaddeus Young(notes), the writing's on the wall.
    I found this extremely odd. Here's how many minutes per game Meeks has played since the moment he was traded to Philly till the date the article was published:
    1; 6; 0; 2; 0; 0; 0; 0; 2; 5; 0; 9; 0.

    Thadeus Young: 29; 26; 31; 32; 26; 25; 37; 24; 43; etc.

    Maybe in one of the games he played Meeks actually was the first coming off the bench (doubtful, but okay) and Dwyer is technically right he was implying something completely different. The truth is that Meeks is being used the same way he always were, playing garbage time.

    If tanking is merely not doing everything in your power to maximize the chances of winning the next games or, as Dwyer seems to think, something that every mediocre-to-poor team is doing, then every team in the league is tanking (maybe with the Bobcats' exception?). Every team has long term plans. This definition turns tanking into an useless concept. Tanking, IMO, implies the goal of improving the chances on an upcoming draft and decisions like, say, holding injured players from returning for more time than the necessary or coaching like it's pre-season, mixing up rotations and giving playing time to lesser players.

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