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Thread: Granger hopes to play tonight

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    Default Granger hopes to play tonight

    Glad he's feeling OK, but no need to rush back.

    Fortunately, the very scary moment turned out to be just that a moment.

    Danny Granger's head cleared up while he was being examined at Methodist Hospital Tuesday night and he is listed as a game-time decision for the Pacers' game against Detroit tonight in Conseco Fieldhouse.

    "I got hit in the head, got dizzy and lost my equilibrium for a minute. I just took a shot to the head and kind of lost it for a second," Granger said of the incident in the final minute of the Pacers' 99-94 victory over Charlotte Tuesday. "I've had a concussion before but I've never lost focus the way I did that day. I was kind of in and out. My eyes were closed and it was a bad situation but I'm OK."

    Granger had a concussion last season, leaving early in the fourth quarter of a 108-105 loss in Memphis on Dec. 26 after colliding with teammate Jarrett Jack. He did not miss a game, returning to score 34 points on Dec. 28 against New Orleans.

    Tuesday night, Granger took a shot to the upper right cheek as he was battling to rebound his own missed shot, wobbled toward the bench and fell to his knees before reaching the chair.

    After watching the video of the play, Granger understood the concern the incident caused among Pacers fans.

    "I think it was more like being in a fight and you get hit real hard and you get knocked off," he said. "I think it was similar to that."

    Of course, fans weren't the only ones with furrowed brows at the time.

    "Any time you see somebody woozy and staggered and then come to the bench and sit on the floor, that's a concern," said Coach Jim O'Brien. "However, we're in the midst of the game and we have medical people that can deal with that. The uncomfortable part of that whole situation for me was that I couldn't give him more attention because I happened to be coaching a game that was unraveling a little bit."

    Granger sat out the Pacers' 99-94 loss in Cleveland Wednesday and this morning's shootaround but left shortly thereafter for the doctor's office in hopes of gaining medical clearance to play tonight.

    "He seems to feel fine," said O'Brien.

    Whether or not he plays tonight, that's very good news for the Pacers.

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    Default Re: Granger hopes to play tonight

    yes, take your time DG! No rush and no reason to press now!
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    Default Re: Granger hopes to play tonight

    woowwww No wonder Rick Kamla gives him Warrior of the Week so much. Granger went from out indefinitely to hoping to be back and not missing one game

    I wish he just takes his time, and plays a few scrimmage games in practice to see how his head is feeling before stepping out there in a real game where it is more intense. We dont want this to be a long lingering injury. Even if you have to rest him for the remainder of the season, then do it!
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    Default Re: Granger hopes to play tonight

    I remember some people on here complaining about JOB's reaction to the situation in the game thread, so here was your answer (whether you like it or not).

    I personally think there should be no rush to get Danny back on the floor. Tonight is probably a game that we will win, but doing so benefits us in no way. I'm not openly in full tank mode, but I am pleased with the idea of the team losing more games. Anyway, we could probably even beat Detroit without Danny.

    There just seems to be some inconsistency with how all of these head injuries are dealt with this season, and that is more concerning to me. To begin with, Tyler had concussion issues that we weren't even aware of for the longest time, and this was only revealed way after people become suspicious of an inner ear infection (which is still a serious matter nonetheless). Then AJ got a concussion and JOB sat him because he had "proved what good things he could do" and he preferred the "defensive intensity" of Watson and Ford, who mysteriously had also sat out a decent stretch of games earlier this year (I'm paraphrasing what all JOB said here). Let's not take any chances with one of the major investments of the franchise when they aren't needed. I'm sure Danny wants to play, but he should never be the final deciding factor in this decision.

    This is not a bash JOB post by any means, and the real questioning here is regarding the inconsistency of how these head injuries are reported. Come on people, just give us the truth and we will all move on with our lives.

    EDIT: And I just read the Hansbrough article from today and see that there is still no diagnosis, but at the time the whole thing still seemed suspicious. Essentially, the ear infection was the diagnosis instead of saying there was none.
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    Default Re: Granger hopes to play tonight

    This week is a crucial week for us. Two games against Detroit and one against the Wizards. Danny, please take the rest of the week off, get well, and get back with us then!

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    Default Re: Granger hopes to play tonight

    Raise your hand if you're surprised.

    I'm not in tank mode, but even I'd like to see Danny take at least one more game off before coming back.
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