Sup gang, I've been lurking for awhile and I've decided it's finally time to step up to the big leagues. Like many of you, I've been trying to cope with the horribleness of this season. In doing this, I like to come up with trade scenarios that are at least possible, if not necessarily likely. Here is my "Dream Scenario" for the Pacers. The trade would be more likely to happen at the deadline, but obviously this summer would be better.

Dream Pacer Scenario:

Step A: Fire O'Brien

Step B: Win the #2 pick in the lottery.

Step C: Draft Evan Turner

Step D: Trade Rush, Murphy, Dunleavy, and a future first for Chris Paul and Emeka Okafor.

- Reasons why they would do this trade: Rush is a solid defender and a decent young piece. Murphy and Dunleavy expire and give them tons of flexibility to rebuild around Darren Collison, who’s playing just like Paul and doesn’t have a $13 million salary. Emeka Okafor doesn’t work in their system, so they’re looking to shed his contract which will have 4 years left at this point. The future first will come in handy while re-building to either add a solid role player or use to trade up and grab a top pick.

- Reason why they wouldn’t do this trade: Chris Paul is a superstar.

- Reasons why we should do this trade: We get (arguably) the league’s best point guard and a solid defender that we’ve been needing in the post. Okafor is very average offensively, but we don’t need him to score. Paul/Turner is the best backcourt in the league and it’s not that close.

- Reasons why we shouldn’t: Rush could grow into an excellent 6th man/defensive specialist or maybe even starter, the 2011 first rounder would be nice to have. Chris Paul might have injury problems, Okafor’s contract might be too big. But, I think most would agree that the positives outweigh the negatives for us.

Step E: Lineup
PG - Paul/Price
SG - Turner/Dahntay
SF - Granger/2011 2nd round pick?
PF - Okafor/Hansbrough
C - Hibbert/Foster

Step F: Future
Use money freed up by Ford, Tinsley, and Foster coming off the books to give new deals to Paul and Hibbert, get a couple of solid role players/backups through free agency and 2012 draft. I haven’t exactly crunched the numbers Count-style, but I would guess we’d end up slightly over over the luxury tax when all is said and done (assuming Paul re-signs). However, I don’t see how this team doesn’t compete with Cleveland/Orlando/Atlanta night-in and night-out, so it seems worth it. Then again, Herb Simon's opinion on whether or not it's worth it is infinitely more important than mine.

Thoughts about the trade: If they demanded our 2010 2nd rounder as well, I’d do it, but I wouldn’t be happy about it. I’d gladly substitute that pick and take Rush out of the trade, but I don’t think it works financially and they’re not going to trade Paul for a couple of expirings and a couple picks. They may not trade Paul anyway. Obviously the most difficult task would be prying Paul from NO and hoping other teams don’t offer a better package than ours.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.